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Former Miss Delhi sets up shop in the Beauty Care Industry

Former Miss Delhi sets up shop in the Beauty Care Industry

New Delhi: In India, the traditional mindset often forms a barrier to the entry of more women into businesses and other entrepreneurial activities. Some women entrepreneurs are rising above it and being noticed due to their sheer hard work and innovation. The changing times has led to increased participation of women in various business domains.

Medha, Born and brought up in Delhi. She did her graduation in clinical psychology. She is also a trained Kathak dancer and certified Yoga trainer, she started her career in acting and later shifted to the world of entrepreneurship.

The Story of Medha Tyagi is quite inspirational. She Participated in Miss Delhi contest 2011. Medha with her grace, charm, and confidence not only became one of the youngest finalists but also won the Miss Delhi-2011 title. After that, there was no looking back, at the age of 22 she moved to Mumbai, where she entered the acting and theatre world. She successfully completed her acting courses from Barry John and Anupam Kher acting studio. During her acting career, she starred in many t.v. commercials such as Nivea, Vaseline, Dabar Avala. Medha’s determination and talent has made her one of the highly acclaimed characters in the theatre and modeling fraternity. At her peak of an acting career, she was happy but not content. She wanted to start something of her own and was somewhat bored with Light, Camera Action!

To this Day she recalls what her Dad said to her ‘’ Beta leave before the industry leaves you”. Her father reminded her that as a model she was a product. And products have their run — then they must be tweaked for a new audience. Because of that, Medha left her acting career to create and start her own boutique health and wellness company. With sheer determination and acumen, Medha got herself well versed with beauty, fitness, food, nutrition, skin care and became a subject matter expert in the Beauty Industry. She started Bon Temps Beauty & Hair Studio from scratch and in a span of 1 year she turned her venture not only profitable but also one of the favorite destination for celebrities and millennials!

Bon Temps as the name suggests, we want the ‘Good Times to Roll’ for every client who steps-in to get styled in luxury and get pampered! We started our journey believing in the idea of making you people happy with the style, so they smile every time they look into the mirror.” said Medha, Founder, Bon Temps.

In the last 1 year, Bon Temps Studio has been a pioneer in providing customers with a luxurious experience for Hair, Skin, Hands & Feet, Barber Shop, and Makeup with best-in-class products, finest amenities and professionally trained staff.

Her plan is to scale up her business to other metro-cities like Mumbai and Bangalore in next 1 year. Apart from beauty studio she also has some bigger plans of amalgamating the need for beauty, skincare, and health. She is committed to making the client’s skin and hair to look its best by offering a full spectrum of cosmetic treatments administrated by doctors and aestheticians.

“Strong foundation of a business is built on 3 pillars — people, planet, and profits — in that order. We as entrepreneurs have a responsibility and a huge opportunity to use our business platforms as a voice and our resources to fund and collaborate for positive change in the world.” She added this towards what she feels about her Customers.


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