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Filmmaker Vikash Raj Saxena releases his new Song 'Tu Hai Mera'

Filmmaker Vikash Raj Saxena releases his new Song ‘Tu Hai Mera’

Filmmaker Vikash Raj Saxena has released his debut song ‘Tu Hai Mera’ as a lyricist. Music fans have all the reasons to cheer as Filmmaker Vikas Raj Saxena’s debut song ‘Tu Hai Mera’ had a terrific release. Smashing its way to the top of music charts, the song has already created waves on various music platforms, and it is being well appreciated by people. The melodious tune, exquisite lyrics, and euphonious voice of the song simply touch the heartstrings of the listeners.

The song is produced by Nitish Raj and Vishal Chaubey, and it has already gained popularity amongst the people. Vikash shared his thoughts, “As a Lyricist, this song is my debut. I have written many songs and those will be releasing very soon successively in a row. Hopefully the songs will be as loved by the people as my debut song”. This song presented by kaali entertainment and taal studio.

The song is available on Spotify, Gaana.com, Jiosaavn, Songdew, iTunes, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music. Vikash Raj Saxena is founder and Director of the Kaali Entertainment Production. Vishal Chaubey is founder of the Taal Studio. Vishal said, ‘We are trying to make good songs for the our Indie audience’. I hope the audience will support us and will love our songs’. The song has been written by Vikash and this is his debut song as a lyricist. The song is presented in association with Kaali Entertainment and Taal Studio. The song promises to be a gem in the soulful voice of Ajmer-based singer Nirmal Joshi. The music is made by Shivang Biswa Dadhich. Conceptualized by Shubham Saini, the song is based on gentle and pacifying sentiments that immediately soothe the ears and spirit. Shubham Saini is the founder of Viewfinder Production.


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