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Feronia Gets Wings with Indigo’s support! Corporate India finally putting their money where their mouth is!

Feronia Gets Wings with IndiGo’s support! Corporate India finally putting their money where their mouth is!

The month of June celebrates the liberation of the LGBTQIA+ community. Like all the corporate giants, IndiGo showcased their support on Social Media which was highly appreciated by the masses and media. Not just on social media, the company additionally went on to dedicate their in-flight magazine for June issue to the LGBTQ community.

Feronia Fashion Night made the company realise that it isn’t enough for the business leaders of the country to give mere lip service to one of the most sensitive social issue of contemporary India. The era of token support has to be a bygone from the Indian corporates that can make a difference. With this innovative fashion movement that is focused on breaking gender stereotypes and creating space to share the fashion industry with the LGBTQ community, the company decided to take up the opportunity to promote the platform of equal participation of the community in education; job opportunities and administration.

IndiGo has always focussed on on integrating the business with our CSR work across several communities in the country. The CSR arm of the company – IndiGoReach is a reflection of our resolve to reach out and make a difference. The foundation has touched the lives of more than 1 lakh people in the last one year for good across 5 focus areas – Children & Education, Women Empowerment, Environment, 6E Responsibility and Heritage – work with the society for its transformation. Feronia Fashion Night was an eye opener for the company to start doing something concrete on LGBTQ rights. Helping the LGBTQ models in coming together for an exclusive fashion event to showcase their talents for greater opportunities seems the kind of thing India Inc should consider supporting seriously. The diversity and inclusion efforts for companies should be designed to attract, nurture and advance the lives of our people and customers irrespective of their differently abled status, gender, lifestyle, sexual orientation, religion and nationality. The founder of Feronia Fashion Night, Prabodh Mishra has lauded the company by saying that the company proved that “At IndiGo, ‘I’ is not just a letter; it is a belief that defines who we really are. It depicts sense of belongingness and ownership towards the society standing for integrity and individual personality aligned with the organisation’s reputation, growth and betterment. Feronia Fashion Night hopes for a longer association with IndiGo like we have built with a few of our other partners such as Postman News and Repechage.”


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