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Experion Windchants Redefining Active Luxury Trends for India

Experion Windchants Redefining Active Luxury Trends for India

Experion, a real estate developer, has several projects in the real estate market, one of them is Windchants. Thoughtfully situated in a quaint location near the Dwarka Expressway, Windchants is a one-of-a-kind condominium by Experion Developers. Designed with the concept of ‘active luxury’, this premium residential complex is an ideal choice for someone who wishes to have an abode in the lap of luxury, away from the cluttered, heart-of-the-city lifestyle. Windchants is all about luxurious active life and has made it easier for the residents to take care of their physical and mental wellbeing.

The true sense of space and the immaculate planning that has gone behind the design of Windchants is evident in its architecture. Drawing inspiration from the Saptrishi or the Orion constellation, the residency is planned in a way to maximize air circulation and sunlight. The unique alignment of the different buildings of Windchants allow air and sunlight to cross and the property and always has a pleasant flow of breeze and is well lit with natural light. The many buildings of the complex are connected through a skywalk on the seventh floor. This is one of Asia’s largest residential skywalks and spreads across 1.4 km providing a perfect setting for residents to enjoy a peaceful walk away from the hustle-bustle of the city life.

Sustainability is one of the biggest driving forces behind the planning of Windchants and the same is being reflected in the bio-diversity pond and the Zen garden that let the residents of Windchants completely surround themselves with natural beauty.

YouTube link of the Experion Developers: www.youtube.com/user/ExperionDeveloper

Staying true to their quest to promote the active luxury lifestyle, Windchants houses activity areas spread across 2,50,000 sq. ft. letting its residents spend more time outdoors. The activity areas include a range of sports facilities and a full-lap pool making it easier for residents to nurture their hobbies and enjoy group activities.

The condominium is surrounded by the lush Delhi greens making the air feel much cleaner and fresher. The high-rise buildings of Windchants have spacious balconies, not overlooking each other and offering a breathtaking view to these Delhi Greens and can be a perfect place for you to unwind after a long day at work.

Windchants is a meticulously planned combination of experiences, a perfect fit for the urban residents, looking for an abode away from the heart of the city. This mindfully designed complex is more than just a residency. It is a lifestyle in itself and is assiduously designed with state-of-the-art facilities that make it convenient for its residents to enjoy a life of active luxury.


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