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Enthralling people as the youngest woman digital marketer of India is Shivya Mishra

Enthralling people as the youngest woman digital marketer of India is Shivya Mishra

When it is about up and coming entrepreneurs, be it in any field of business, people and the world overall most of the times have only been encouraging towards them. This is because they know the kind of newness and the uniqueness they would bring in their respective fields. However, most of the times we see and hear such stories of young men trailblazers & entrepreneurs only. How many of the times have we heard success stories of young woman trailblazers and entrepreneurs? Well, no matter how grim this scenario may look, we have been fortunate enough to come across success stories of young woman entrepreneurs, and it is nothing less than an inspiration itself. One such inspiring story is of Shivya Mishra, the youngest woman digital marketer, who is disrupting the world of digital marketing with her astute decision making, diligent efforts, consistency and creativity.

The vast world of digital marketing may find innumerable young men entrepreneurs, but unfortunately, not many women have tried to make it in the field. Going against the tide and trying to make her name reach the highest peaks in the digital world is Shivya Mishra. This young woman has proved not just our country, but the world that women make the world go round and there’s probably nothing that she can’t achieve. Mishra today stands tall and proud as a specialist and adept PR and digital marketing expert. But, the success she has achieved at such a young age came after a plethora of struggles that she faced in life. However, Mishra was adamant to succeed and hence, kept going, inching towards success more each day.

Today, Mishra has risen above her struggles and hurdles of life like a fighter and has achieved the status of the youngest woman digital marketer with being a CEO of her digital marketing and consultancy brand in India. Mishra was a science student and for her to make this tough decision of life of completely changing her field and carving her journey had its own share of challenges. After working for a company for three years, she understood her purpose and got into the field of digital marketing as a solo.

Since the beginning, Mishra was inclined towards getting more educated about the social media networks, and the internet, this hunger to know more things made her debut into the same. She always learnt something from each of her clients and kept researching about things in the online world. Last year, she also jumped into the field of PR.

Her work consists of growing and developing the brand value, recognition, awareness of her clients, companies, celebrities, entrepreneurs, etc. Her efforts are towards devising plans and strategies for doubling their presence online across different mediums and increase their follower and fan base. She expertly makes use of various robust digital marketing strategies like PR, SMM, SEO, etc.

All this has happened in just a year, no matter how difficult it may seem to believe, but Shivya Mishra has broken the glass ceiling of many traditional and conventional beliefs of an industry that initially only welcomed men entrepreneurs. From being a science student and having a steady job at hand, to jumping directly into the digital marketing field and PR and becoming the youngest and one of the most remarkable names of the industry is something that displays Mishra’s conviction, belief and her passion for achieving her goals.

Giving a piece of advice to other young aspiring woman entrepreneurs, Mishra says that they must keep learning new things and expand their knowledge in the field so that they know how to implement the same in their businesses to make it a successful one.


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