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Efficiency marks your viewpoint”- Ahmed Alawadhi expounds working smart.

Efficiency marks your viewpoint”- Ahmed Alawadhi expounds working smart.

“When you have the exposure to the market for towering 17+ years, it all comes down to working smart rather than working hard”- explains Ahmed Alawadhi, an Arab-American real-estate ace, with a vision. A foreseer of ebbs and flows, Alawadhi is a procurer of dual degrees he holds a Bachelors’s in International Business And Marketing and a Master’s degree in Business Management from the top-grade universities, Astounding skillset comprising of imperial leadership skills and breathtaking negotiation skills, he has exhibited his illustriousness at every step.

With the president ship of AM properties, , constructing a concrete real estate development company in Michigan for residential projects, and Silverline in Dubai, Ahmed successfully put forth a large real estate portfolio for elevated net worth clients and investment banks. Sharing his exposure with the neer entries and exploring the untouched and camouflaged opportunistic arenas in the market, Alawadhi has become a pioneering mind and an ace in the market, distinguishing him from the market.

Illuminating and conceptualizing working smart, Ahmed explicated the inverse relation between smart and hard work. According to the virtuoso, the more a person vests energy in boosting the persona, the rate of success varies accordingly”. Ahmed believes that the brain is a muscle that needs to be trained excessively. He stated that there exists a set of people who have acquired equal assets in a month with smart work, in comparison to others working hard. He also mentioned that the efficiency which establishes your stand in the market greatly depends on how smartly you work.

Ahmed always seeks out areas where he could implement his brilliance and train his mind, believing that it affect his mental stimulation and planning approach!


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