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E-Cell IIT Madras Introduces Techno-Entrepreneurship Summit

E-Cell IIT Madras Introduces Techno-Entrepreneurship Summit

Want to protect your data from illegal hacking? Does the most powerful technology of the decade intrigues you? The upcoming edition of the annual entrepreneurial extravaganza, E-Summit, offers you an opportunity to explore the world of technopreneurs in the Techno-Entrepreneurship Summit and Blockchain meetup.

The advancement in data-based technologies has opened a completely different domain for the startups to explore. Blockchain is undeniably an ingenious technology, and the evolution path of blockchain has seen an exponential growth. Such mind-boggling progress in technology has left the people pondering, “What is blockchain? Where can it be applied?”

Techno-Entrepreneurship Summit brings you plenty of insights on the technical aspect of entrepreneurship through intriguing lectures, interactive workshops and mind-teasing quizzes and ever-lasting discussions. The summit gives you the opportunities to interact and network with the speakers and mentors.

The workshops will cover fundamentals of blockchain, smart contracts, hyper ledger followed by business application of blockchain. The learnings and understandings will be up for testing in the idea proposal competition, with a prize money of Rs. 10000 to grab. These workshops and competitions will be topped by the presence of blockchain experts such as Prof. D Janakiram, professor at IIT Madras, Ishan Roy, lead of blockchain in Tamil Nadu e-Governance, Satish Salivati, Founder-CEO of InteliTix Solutions, and Ish Goyal, a serial entrepreneur who is credited as the founder of GovBlocks, Certy, DEF and CEO of Somish Blockchain Labs.

With the competition rising in the technical communities, the summit offers you the perfect opportunity to overtake your competitors and upgrade your skills.

Register before 10th January and enter into the world of Blockchain.


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