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Dr Varun Gupta- A helping aid amidst Corona distress and Heartful Companion for the abandoned around

Dr Varun Gupta – A helping aid amidst Corona distress and Heartful Companion for the abandoned around

Such is the soul of the Educationist, Entrepreneur, Education Advisor and Peace Ambassador Dr. Varun Gupta. Education is no calm unless utilized properly and used better to stay connected with the society we get it all from. No wonder many such humans help the world in a way we are not aware of, but for the ones we know, a little respect and gratitude are definitely meant to be shared with. Dr Varun Gupta is one such Educationist and Entrepreneur whose experience with his successful career is helping around a lot. Talking in numbers more than 2,00,000 people around 50 countries have been evolved by the light of his guidance in the field of education, skills training, public administration, governance and leadership skills. He has also been awarded with the title of “Most Promising Eduprenuer of the Year” and conferred with, Gaurav Shiksha Puruskar, REX Karmaveer Chakra Award. But, above all, this educational charm is also a kind heart, which serves around whenever and wherever he can, with his motivational skills.

Since a decade, Dr Varun career aspects have not just been a guider of his skills but has also been help to many seeking behind. He is currently featured in Hindustan Times, News18, Yahoo News and many other prestigious media platforms in March 2020 and for all his achievements and ways of dealing along, he is highly appreciated by his followers. Even at his current position, as the Executive Vice President at On Sky Global and Chief Operating Officer at Cambridge Career College, a USA and UK based institution is the one where his knowledge is used for imparting skills-based job for the varied carried programs in varied capacities. Dr Varun has also been on board with many global firms in the sector of academics and his collaborations with international educational organizations for the development of specialized programs have helped many Africans too. Likewise, his achievements are many but for what he does for the society beyond his knowledge is much beyond words. Thank you Dr. Varun!


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Dr Varun Gupta is one such personality who knows how to pay his respect towards the society he lives in. He has been a part of many fund donation campaigns, which helped the abandoned families. His donations also reached out to a few NGOs like The Earth Saviours Foundation and many more. Apart from monetary help, this golden heart is also out there organising and conducting many such free online mentorship programs to keep the people motivated, engaged and help the community building. There are also a few of the advanced sessions going on a paid basis, the mentorship fee of which would be contributed towards the Corona crisis. Two such online mentorship programs by him are being conducted on 15th April and 19th April 2020 for ensuring an involvement around. He quoted – “Let the mentorship fee be the hand when world needs you the most”.

For anyone who wishes to be a part of same, can follow his social media handles, (Facebook- varunngupta, Instagram- @varunngupta, Twitter- @guptavarun0309, LinkedIn- varun-gupta-a7a22a29) and get updates on real-time. By all means, his wishes and messages for all day, every day, amidst this lockdown period is support towards the Government instructions and will surely show positive results, as for, “One who wishes good, is meant to succeed.”

For the good to reach, there is no boundary and considering the helping hand of Dr Varun, his expertise helped many academic businesses spread, institutional set-ups at an international level in the USA, Africa and many other Asian countries. If we look beyond this capacity, well, his knowledge also served with the establishment of strategic partnerships in between the G2G, B2B, B2G and B2C. His incredible work always has a motive to serve and keeps finding ways to reach the world and make sure that anyone who needs him is received with what they approach him for.

With intentions so clear, one need not fear and for Varun, he had nothing to stop and to move around and help with his best. He knows what he is, is a part of the world and this is what he is meant to serve. His words, his charisma, his motivation, every bit of it is a saviour for all. For whosoever approach him, won’t leave empty, after all, there is always a little bit more to learn from such amazing souls.


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