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Kiran Bedi

Dr. Kiran Bedi’s Book “Fearless Governance” launched in Hindi

After the release of Fearless Governance book in English, the Hindi Edition was launched by Smita Prakash, Editor of ANI today. The book offers a practical model of accessible, accountable and people centric governance.

Something which is being urged by the national leadership. Dr. Kiran Bedi said, “Many of the measures listed in the book are being seen to have been practiced in Delhi by the newly appointed Lt. Governor in the field daily and directing officers to do so too. It is heartening to see this. Good governance cannot be without sustained grass root connect.”

Dr Kiran Bedi, the author of the book and a former Lt Governor of Puducherry, will make an illustrative exposition of the good practices she led to be followed. Smita Prakash, Editor ANI released the book, led the discussion, and moderated the Q and A session.Diamond Books are the publishers of the book. More languages are in the work, including foreign. Royalties of the books are donated to India Vision and Navjyoti India Foundation. Alstone, a manufacturer of interior building products gifted a signed complimentary copy of the book to all the guests at the event.

On the occasion, Ms. Smita Prakash, Editor of ANI said, “Fearless Governance is a new kind of publication style with proof and evidence of Dr. Kiran Bedi’s work in Puducherry. This is a lived-in book. She decided to be her own media and touched the lives of thousands of people.”

Narendra Kumar Verma, Chairman, Diamond Books said, “This is a historical day. We are honored to publish this one-of-a-kind book by Dr. Bedi. In January 2022, Indra Nooyi and Prof. Debashish Chatterjee had released the English version of the book ‘Fearless Governance’ and today the Hindi version is being released by Smita Prakash. It’s indeed a matter of pride for us.”


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