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Director Madhur Bhandarkar, Archana Puran Singh in Delhi for special Talent Hunt Launch!

Director Madhur Bhandarkar, Archana Puran Singh in Delhi for special Talent Hunt Launch!

The national award winning director Madhur Bhandarkar, actress & Television sensation Archana Puran Singh, Music director Shravan Kumar witnessed in Nation’s Capital for the special grand launch of Talent Hunt presented by Midaas Group in Entertainment.

The grand event took place at Hotel Le Meridien with graceful presence of Inderpreet Singh, the president of Midaas Group Pvt.Ltd.
Midaas is a Canada based Production house, spreading its ventures all over the Nation, so the startup took place in Delhi itself.

Along with the launch, the team of Midaas along with Madhur Bhandarkar, Archana & Shravan interacted with media and shared their views for the same.

And the crowd also witnessed the screening of five highly recommended movies like World war 3, Na Kaahu se dosti na Kaahu se bair, Shaane Singh, Raktaanjali & Bombays 70s.
As per the details revealed, the mega talent hunt will give up space for short films, movies, web series & music. Starting auditions from January till February in different cities of Nation, with a panel of Judges, which will be Choreographer Saroj Khan, sensational Archana Puran Singh, Music Director Shravan Kumar, Actress Sara Khan, Harshitaa Bhatt, Dr Shweta Dagar & more.
Talking about the same with media, Archana stated, “I am really happy to be the part of such a great platform. The light minded people who want to start something new will definitely get what they want. There are so many opportunities today in comparison with our old days, yes we haven’t done too badly but yes ofcourse there are so many more opportunities today, like short films, web series. And I am really happy that talent is spreading hugely and undoubtedly Midaas is creating one more opportunity for young talent.”
Whereas music director Shravan Kumar said, “With the help of Midaas we are taking forward music, as there is a need of more music companies. Nowadays in our industry there are few companies, so for the better proportion of music it’s really important to have a bigger music companies. Apart from talented actors there are also people who are good as musician, lyricist, so I guess this is going to be a great platform by Midaas to those people who are willing to start their career and make their dream come true.”


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