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Designeering the Social Change – Avantika University, Ujjain leads the way by supporting Feronia Fashion Night!

Designeering the Social Change – Avantika University, Ujjain leads the way by supporting Feronia Fashion Night!

One of the main purposes of education is to bring about a positive change in society. Avantika University Ujjain collaborated with Redo Times Pvt. Limited to be with Feronia Fashion Night because it gives a platform to the LGBTQ community to break free from the societal stereotypes and taboos that have surrounded them for ages. Avantika University is the first design-centred university in India and stands out because of its academic curriculum which is based on design-centered principles, practical and project-based learning complemented with a strong academia-industry interface. The students are given the liberty to craft their own specialization by choosing from a range of electives which gives them cross-disciplinary knowledge. The students also indulge in a wide variety of projects and industry internships and immersions which gives them the much-required hands-on experience of how things work in the industry.

Avantika University was established in Ujjain with the aim to revive that lost legacy by introducing an educational model that revolves around Design Centeredness along with a solid foundation of liberal education just like it was practised in the ancient times. Avantika aims to nurture and cultivate young minds who will serve as enlightened citizens, bringing a positive change in the society. Dr Prasheel Suryawanshi, Vice – Chancellor, Avantika University was proud to be associated with a very relevant social movement citing “Universities are academically trendsetters and professionally game-changers. The idea of a university and education thereto essentially has to initiate change and development in all the strata of the society and hence an active participation in social causes for the betterment of the society is the need of the hour. The universities need to come out of their silos, broaden their horizon beyond education, connect with diverse section of the society, partner with like-minded people and organizations and be sensitive to the changing times.”

The coordinator of the School of Fashion at Avantika University, Prabodh Mishra stressed on the need for fashion and design institutes to take up the leadership role in the society by stating “Fashion and Fashion institutes always have a leadership role to play in the society. Back in early 90s, it was NIFT that normalised western wear for girls and women by taking that idea beyond the realms of elite and celluloid class to the masses. We at Avantika University aim to take the mantle forward and incorporate the third gender as a part of the mainstream society.

We believe Fashion reflects the society.” When leading academic institutions of a country bat for social inclusivity, it gives us great hope for the future of the country. It makes us believe that the future is inclusive.


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