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Covid-19: Precautionary measures to control the spread by Dr. Apoorva Shah

The outbreak and spread of the Corona Virus has been a serious concern all over. While getting on a panic mode is natural, here are some DOs & DON’Ts that will help keep you calm and safe.
Stay updated, stay aware and stay safe.

Actions you must follow:

DO wash your hands thoroughly with soap or cleanse with sanitizer frequently

DO cover your mouth with a mask while heading out

DO avoid direct hand contact with anyone you meet

DO cover your face while sneezing or coughing and dispose of the used tissue

DO take extra precautions if you are a daily commuter

Actions to avoid:

DON’T touch your eyes, mouth, and nose with unwashed hands.

DON’T travel to places affected and prone to unhealthy conditions.

DON’T frequent public places for a while. Be restrictive until the Government announces that it’s safe to go out.

DON’T ignore symptoms like fever, cough and uneasy breathing.

DON’T panic. See your doctor, test yourself and follow prescribed guidelines.

Dr. Apoorva Shah, Founder of RichFeel says, “We commend the measures being taken by our Health Ministry on trying to control the spread of this pandemic. At RichFeel, the well-being and safety of our patients is our priority. All our Clinics have been incrementally sanitised – our staff and visitors are screened for symptoms. Sanitisers and masks, disposable materials, sterilised equipment are in use across our clinics. We additionally deep clean high-touch areas like counters, treatment rooms and equipment. We are also organising for reviews and video consultations for patients with our Trichologists online. Home delivery of medications and products are also being arranged for those in need. It is our priority to ensure that there is no compromise on safety – be it for our employees or our valued patients. We pray for safety and good health for all. We are confident that we will pass through this phase in solidarity.”


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