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Consequence: Karma is set to release next week on various leading OTT platforms
Famous film critic Komal Nahta (center) at the preview of Consequence Karma at Sunny super sound Juhu, with writer-director Shadab Ahmad (left) & Actor Monis Khan (right).

Consequence: Karma is set to release next week on various leading OTT platforms

Upcoming feature film Consequence: Karma’s trailer got great response on the YouTube channel of Altitude 8848 films. The Movie is based on an Indian mythological character reimagined in the modern world during the Lockdown of Corona pandemic. Actor/Producer Monis Khan who is the 2nd lead in the movie and films’ writer-director Shadab Ahmad have given interviews to various media houses like Viral Bollywood, Bollywood helpline, Bollywood flash etc. and explained their journey of making a complete package for the audience in the phase of corona pandemic.

During the lockdown, writer-director Shadab Ahmad was as confused as everyone else when the world was fully closed and his theory was that it is the consequence of Karma of the human beings. The theory of KARMA says that the entirety of a person’s actions, good & bad, directly affects their future. Seeing a rise in the popularity of Indian Mythological films & web-series, Shadab infused the idea of Karma with Garuda-Puran, which depicts the heavens & hells, and wrote this Mytho-mixed modern drama-thriller story of his film naming it Consequence: Karma.

The film that got its very first preview in Mumbai’s Famous Preview theatre ‘Sunny Super Sound, Juhu’. The preview was attended by famous Bollywood Film critics Komal Nahata & Prashant Shishodiya, Actor Inaamulhaq,  Sanjay Gandhi, Singer Raja Hasan, Director Faraz Haider and others along with film’s cast & crew.

In the movie, the Mythological connection is made through the stories from Ramayana & Mahabharata and ‘The Mythological Flashbacks’ are shown in uniquely different way that has never been seen before.Consequence: Karma marks the journey of Shahzeb Azad , Monis Khan &  Shadab Ahmad into the foray of Film Producing.As soon as the unlock began, the enthusiastic team of producers gathered Bollywood professionals and a band of talented actors including Sidharth Bhardwaj, a well-known face from various films & web series like Oye Lucky Lucky Oye, Delhi Crime, Pataal Lok, etc. and Monis Khan, Pooja Gupta & other skilled actors from strong theatre backgrounds.

Monis Khan, who is also acting in the film, believes that each & every role can be a turning point for the acting career if one considers the value of good performance. If done with the hard work & diligence, any role can move you a step further towards becoming a reliable actor.

Both the critics & other attendees praised the film and are eagerly waiting for it to come out. The positive response from them gave energy to the producers and finally they have locked the film with MX Player , Hungama play , Airtel Xtream , Tata Sky Binge and some more. It would be soon released on the above stated India’s leading OTT platforms.


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