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Chitrangi Sharma, a Writer, a lifestyle blogger, an Upcoming Author and an Influencer for many

Chitrangi Sharma, a Writer, a lifestyle blogger, an Upcoming Author and an Influencer for many

It’s said, “Your Passion Can Never Leave Your Hand Unless You Plan to Leave It,” and for those who have it right in their minds and hearts, it is hard to accept and let it go. But sometimes, the situation demands to leave, more than staying, and for the ones who stay, do find their right path. Chitrangi Sharma is one such soul, which, even after leaving, got connected to the path of her dreams, her ways, and her writings. Completing her Company Secretary course, she started working as a Law Professor at the Biyani group of college in 2012, but what we seek is hard to part ways with, and so was it for her. Her consciousness demanded her to get back with her, one and true love, which finally, after four years, made her pursue and move ahead to be a Writer. Chitrangi worked for many web portals which included Thrillophillia.com, The voiceraiser.com, Jaipurtalks.com, milanamasci.com, etc. and after gaining a lot more experience than what she had, she founded the multifarious web portal, desipandora.com, which has more than 19k+ followers on Instagram, and for her Lifestyle blog, viewership reached to 3-4 lakhs a year, within no time. Even her YouTube uploaded content reached 1.1 million views, and she got awarded for all the hard work she put in till date.

The start by Chitrangi was made, but she knew she has to get through a lot, and she did, and her reward was, her recognition. She received varied awards, like Global Pride Awards for Best Lifestyle Blogger, Rajasthan; Shubh Fashion Awards for Best Fashion Blogger; Empowering Women’s Awards for being the Best Lifestyle Blogger.

Miss Sharma is a believer, a faith keeper in all that she says, and all she knows. She has many titles been added to the feather of her success, and as a celebrity blogger and Instagram Influencer, she did achieve a lot more satisfaction. Her words are strong and so is the way of her expression and today, this most sought lifestyle blogger of Rajasthan has collaborated with many National as well as International brands like Aditya Birla group’s multiply wellness, Belgian waffles, Club Naila, blackout, food stock exchange, Toni and Guy, XIMI VOGUE, etc. with her list going on and on.

Personal motives can be many, but being associated with the NGO’s was a part of her social one which today she is fulfilling at her best by uplifting the people who are suffering from mental health issues. She has also been amidst those few influencers who rose and used their platform to spread positivity during the crisis of COVID-19, by doing live sessions, having talk shows with frontline workers. She also keeps sharing regular updates through her portal for the rising social issues, for body positivity, mental health, food, fashion, travel, and other lifestyle areas. By all means, Chitrangi is a committed supporter and follower of self-love, embracing the body positivity. Following her fashion mantra, she works to spread her message, full of inspiration to all through her women’s body positivity community on Facebook named Desi Pandora Closet.

Chitrangi is amidst the finest women influencers of the country today, and for every invitation to educational institutes and other events she gets, she has something different to express. Her talks about blogging make all fall in love with the strong platform which the writers share. As of today, it is not just her words but also the positive charm she carries, which gets noticed around and has been featured in many magazines like Imagine More 2nd issue, Shubhwedding, LOOKVINE e-magazine and print media like City Bhaskar, DNA and many more. She is also the official blogging partner of the Indian music fest, which features Jassie Gill and Babbal Rai.

To help and to reach a little more and more every day through the words of positivity and thoughts of calmness, not all dream for the same but for Chitrangi, this is what matters, and this is why, this blogger, traveler and a fashion columnist stepped up to be an Author too. Her book titled, “Desi Pandora” relates to issues which concern depression, fat-shaming, food addiction, and alike, is complete, and is expected to reach out to the readers soon. She is doing her best to be a part of this world, which can at least step up, take a little responsibility and try to improve the scenario around and for sure her book is filled with the words as such and will remain in the readers most awaited list to see, “What she got next?”


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