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Bani Pasricha: Going beyond boundaries, as a fashion designer with her pristine designs and unique collections.
Her red signature gown has been showcased in numerous international runways and has been worn by famous celebrities.

Bani Pasricha: Going beyond boundaries, as a fashion designer with her pristine designs and unique collections.

It is very surreal to know and learn about all those people who have gone beyond boundaries in offering their ‘unique’ to their chosen industries. This very uniqueness helps these professionals to create a distinctive niche for themselves, which makes them stand apart from many others. The fashion industry is one such space that has witnessed innumerable developments and advancements over the years. Especially now, amidst the pandemic, some have even pushed the limits and have tried to accept the new normal of the virtual world. One name that has been buzzing high for her pristine designs and unconventional collection is ace fashion designer Bani Pasricha. Recently, the fashion world witnessed a one of a kind virtual show in the form of INDIA FASHION WEEK LONDON. Bani Pasricha was the powerful mind and fashion designer behind the exclusive designs at the virtual show that stunned the audiences and fashion connoisseurs equally, proving the expertise of this incredible designer with her collection on Egyptian Monarchs.

Bani Pasricha became the showcasing designer with her innovative and splendid collection called ‘The Pharaoh’s’ at the virtual India Fashion Week, London. The ace designer has given a decade of her life to the fashion world and every year comes up with a live show with London’s Platinum Group of Companies. Since the world is still gripped by the hands of a pandemic, instead of dropping the idea, they thought to entertain the audiences with a live show digitally. This in itself stands as a great achievement for the fashion world and Bani Pasricha. In the first-ever digital edition, both Bani and the company decided to choose a collection closest to her heart.

The first India fashion Week, London was executed and conceptualized in India as an International Fashion Event and was presented by Platinum Group of Companies’ Manny Singh. The vision of the event was executed brilliantly by the show and act director Lokesh Sharma.

Talking about her red signature gown, Bani Pasricha highlights that it is worn by celebrities and has been showcased in various international runways. The inspiration for this impressive red gown was the colour red, confesses Bani Pasricha. She explains that she wanted to weave in her design, the power, love, strength and the feminine nurturing side, which the colour denotes. Popular Bollywood actress Esha Gupta wore the gown for the shoot of celebrity and luxury lifestyle based magazine Fablook.

The monochrome red gown by Bani Pasricha label is creating waves worldwide and was first launched at the India Fashion Week, London recently. It was also showcased at Pernia’s Pop Up Show held in Mumbai. It was also worn by beautiful actress Madhussneha, which she wore for the Godrej Professional Runway Show at Kolkata. This gown has made it to the favourite and sought-after list of designer gowns for many amongst her clientele.

Bani Pasricha has travelled the world extensively and has to her credit many runway shows at Cannes Film Festival and Paris Fashion Week. Her designs are heavily inspired by travel and culture. So far, she has worked with several Bollywood celebs like Guru Randhawa, Esha Gupta, Raveena Tandon for the FABLOOK MAGAZINE in the PHARAOH’S Collection.

Bani Pasricha radiates her brilliance and passion through each of her collections she has created and her growing list of clients is proof of the trust they have on her and her designs.

She can be reached at her Facebook Page and also at her Instagram Account


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