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Well, you all know that I am quite a movie freak. I had already made a list to catch the flicks of my favorite actors. But as multiplexes are closed due to lockdown, I was badly missing my dose of entertainment. In such a situation OTT platforms came as saviour for me with their amazing series and movies. With amazing content and brilliant performances, these helped to fill the entertainment gap in my life. The OTT platform ZEE5 is one of my favorite. They have an amazing collection ranging different genre to cater everyone’s preferences. Recently, I watched ‘AtkanChatkan’ movie on ZEE5 and I was totally blown away by this movie. So in this post I will give you a review of the movie and the reasons that make it a must watch.

Storyline – Rags to Riches Story

The movie is the rags to riches story of Guddu, who is a gifted child prodigy and has an absent mother and an alcoholic father. Guddu works for a tea vendor in Jhansi and loves music. He doesn’t know what it means to be musician and how to create music from traditional instruments, but believes that every sound can be used as a tune.


After facing a lot of hurdles, he is finally able to form a band called ‘AtkanChatkan’ along with his friends Madhav, Chuttan and Meethi. As it is said that necessity is the mother of invention, these kids creates DIY instruments from junk: chimes, drums, xylophones.Life of all of them changes when they get an opportunity to perform for a competition. But everything isn’t easy as it seems. They have to go through a path full of obstacles to taste success.
The story of the movie is about how the band sustains facing all odds and the unbreakable spirit of the four talented kids, making it one of the reason to watch the movie.

Performance of Stars – Simply Top-Notch

Lydian Nadhaswaram aka Guddu, plays the role of an aspiring percussionist with maturity. He is confident enough to rise the challenge and puts on a solid show with his amazing acting skills. Lydian Nadhaswaram is a talented singer/musician in real life, and his amazing talent has been aptly presented on screen. Madhav (YashRane), Chuttan (Sachin Chaudhary) and Meethi (TamannaDipak) has also given a praise worthy performance in the movie. The movie lies on the shoulder of these kids and they have certainly done a great job. All the other supporting cast seems apt for their characters.

Direction – Brilliant in every aspect

This two hour fifteen minute film is the directorial debut of Shiv Hare. The simplistic approach of expression is the plus point of the film. From a drunk and violent father, absent mother, upper class bullies, begging cartels, lost childhood – the director wants you to have a sympathetic gaze towards his protagonist’s life and it certainly works because of brilliant execution. Through an organic feel, Shiv Hare is able to evoke the sentiments in an apt way and the viewer is able to connect with the characters easily.

Soundtrack and other aspects – Expectations Met

When I got to know that legendary percussionist Sivamani is composing the music and AR Rahman is presenting the movie, my expectations were certainly high. I need to admit that Sivamani lends gravitas to the script with his unmatched talent. Music is the backbone of film’s narrative, one of the lead characters in the movie, gently nudging the story along and ably filling up for the emotion. The unique background composition that relies heavily on percussion makes AtkanChatkan a must watch.


Times of India has given it a three and a half star rating whereas it is having a 6.9 rating on IMDB.

Celebrating the spirit of childhood, AtkanChatkan should be watched with entire family because of its adorable cast. Further, this movie inspires us to never give up on our dreams no matter what hinderance come in our way. So, Download the ZEE5 and do watch this movie. Don’t forget to share your experience in the comments below.


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