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5 NFT Projects Worth Keeping Track Of In 2022 as per Project Zenogakki

5 NFT Projects Worth Keeping Track Of In 2022 as per Project Zenogakki

While the crypto market sees a staggering downslide now, the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) market witnesses unabated energy. A survey suggests that the global NFT market shall touch USD 122.43 bn by 2028. Every day, new entities launch their distinct metaverse environs and NFTs to go with it. It is quite mind-boggling to identify which NFT projects have the right potential for appreciation. To help with decision-making, Experts from Project Zenogakkishare their insights on 5 promising NFT projects that made for a better return.


Jump.trade launched the world’s first-ever Cricket NFTs. It’s a Play to Earn Metaverse game, soon going to launch the meta cricket league. Project ZenogakkiTeam shares, “55000 cricket player NFTs are sold within a few minutes after its launch. The best thing is that the holders can play the game and earn a passive income from it.” With the game coming soon, it is already the talk of the town amongst cricket fans. The world cup NFT collections for 1983, 2003, and 2011 witnessed sales at a whopping 400x of the base price.

Azuki NFT 

Another popular NFT project in 2022, with 10000 avatars, is hogging the limelight as per the massive trading volume. Azuki metaverse, seamlessly blending the physical and virtual worlds, has already drawn community attention. Azuki’s characters and alliances use streetwear themes for collaborations, more NFT drops, and live events. It’s one of the potential big-ticket NFT projects, as Azuki #9605 drew a deal of 420.69 ETH or $1.42 million on the OpenSea marketplace.


Launched on the Ethereum blockchain Decentraland is unique since it allows holders to engage, tweak and create their avatar. “It’s a space where you can play, explore, interact, shop, and design collectibles. This NFT project allows you to buy and sell virtual land and build your environments and applications. “The project also embeds its native cryptocurrency token, MANA, which is a potential investment,” says Project Zenogakki Experts.

Crypto Baristas

The project centers around a coffee-loving and coffee-growing community. Launched in June 2022, the project has already impressed the NFT community with its philanthropic verticals. A portion of the profit shall support real-life coffee initiatives on the ground. Future efforts are likely to improve the livelihood condition of coffee growers and stamp out inequities. Project Zenogakki says, “Driven by innovation for a sustainable future; the NFT project is likely to garner massive support and engagement.”

Space Doodle

10000 hand-drawn unique doodles by Scott Martin have a successful run and fanfare already. Fuelled by the success, he brings a new edition of Space Doodle, which is an extension of the previous project. Its foray into the galaxy aligns with the 21st-century vision of our extra-terrestrial sojourn. Dozens of unique spacecraft designed by Martin are collectors’ delight. The NFTs have already pulled in substantial enthusiasts-investors because of its potential rarity and growing demand in the future,” added experts from Project Zenogakki.
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