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23yo Dr Pankhudi Dixit of DY Patil Dental College releases another poetry masterpiece

23yo Dr Pankhudi Dixit of DY Patil Dental College releases another poetry masterpiece

Dr. Pankhudi Dixit of D.Y. Patil Dental College, Navi Mumbai has displayed some exemplary work of literature & writing in some famous poetry books such as ‘A Bouquet Of Words’, ‘Narciccus’ & ‘Remember The Roses’ in which she has written some exceptional poems like ‘Beautiful Adipose’, ‘Worship you’ & ‘Dockyards’. Her style of writing is really simplified and yet very artistic & her poems are about making the everyday struggles look like a cakewalk. She adds a whole new perception and changes the outlook of the reader. These books are available on Amazon & all her works in poetry are available on https://allpoetry.com/Pankhudi_Dixit .

Apart from her writing skills, Dr. Pankhudi has been actively participating in her college’s student managed & cultural activities. She has served as the Joint General Secretary of the Student Committee of the college & State President, Maharashtra of Indian Association of Dental Students in the past, where she yet serves at a national position as the Director of Internal Affairs.

In the recent times we have a profound respect & regard towards our frontline workers & entire medical fraternity, so it is the nation’s moral responsibility to encourage & nurture the budding & hidden talents of this medical professional who is not just an ardent poet, but also a great singer. Someone with unconditional love for reading & gooey chocolate cake, Dr. Pankhudi is an extremely capable & responsible individual trusted by many.
A member of the teaching faculty of her college, Dr. De Souza said , “She is very sincere and hardworking. She goes out of her way to please her teachers. She is a gifted poet and very passionate towards her patients. She has a quest for knowledge and always wants to get ahead and take her friends ahead with her.”

An admirer and associate of her’s says, “I have seen Dr. Pankhudi spread joy wherever she goes and is always ready to help everyone at the drop of a hat . She is the purest soul and an embodiment of all virtues rolled into one person ![~|”

Dr. Pankhudi has been receiving loads of appreciation for her recent work ‘Beautiful Adipose’, in the book ‘Narcissus’ & has been diligently working towards delivering more & better content for her readers.

Here is what Dr. Pankhudi herself has to say about her journey, “It has been one amazing wind in your hair, makes you scream, leaves you feeling light headed, happy, unbalanced, pukish, delighted, confused kind of roller coaster. Nonetheless if given a chance I would ride it all over again”, and when curiously asked her about future plans, goals and endeavours, she said, “I dont believe in luck or destiny. I believe that you have to work for everything you want in life, and every place you want to be. And there is a lot I want from my little time on planet Earth and I am all willing to work for it”.

We wish Doctors like Dr. Pankhudi Dixit keep their passion for writing and singing alive and achieve milestones along with doing the noble deed of touching lives in the field of medicine. After all, words & medicines are remedies to most problems in the world & so we thank all medical professionals like Dr Pankhudi for bringing betterment to the society & wish them all the very best for all their future endeavours.


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