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ZEE5’s HiPi premier league is the shortcut to big wins.

ZEE5’s HiPi premier league is the shortcut to big wins.

Cricket is passion for most of us. The pandemic has caused a dearth of sporting events across the globe, the IPL tournament couldn’t have come at a better time. It not only entertains, but is also an affirmation that we can beat the pandemic. To connect our passion for cricket with entertainment, ZEE5 has introduced the HiPi premier league.

HiPi, as we all know, is a short video app, which fills the void left by the ban of TikTok very conveniently. The introduction of the HiPi premier league which has become a very popular platform for fun short videos, has made the craze increase manifold. Also, it promises to make the best video creator win prizes upto rs 10 lacs.

What is in HiPi for you?

This is a platform which invites users to have a blast experience of entertainment, fun videos and a shot at winning rewards and prizes. Users create a 90 second long funny, spoof or interesting videos in their enigmatic style and pepper and edit them with musical backgrounds, creative visuals and animated effects. To make the user experience more intriguing and fun, they have varied filters.

Now that you understand my quest and euphoria for #HappensOnHiPi, let me tell you about #HiPiPremierLeague.

What is #HiPiPremierLeague ?

It is a league which constitutes of 8 teams. The captains of these compelling teams are celebrities from their great walks of life. These celebrities have kicked off the festive competition by creating some riveting and humorous content. Check the content out here at- https://www.instagram.com/hipionzee5/

The teams are representations of the eight teams and regions that are actually playing cricket on the field. Therefore the teams have aptly been named as Hyderabad Hippers, Mumbai Mastis, Delhi Dhoomers, Rajasthan Rockstars, Punjab Putters, Chennai Swaggers, Bangalore Badshahs and Kolkata Khiladis.


ZEE5’s HiPi premier league is the shortcut to big wins.


I am rooting for Kolkata Khiladi as my captain

Indrani Biswas, along with the prime rapper Apoorv Raizada are churning out some fun filled content. I am also making sure that I give my fun side to their effort. My entire friend and family gang is now playing HiPi and rooting for Kolkata Khiladi’s.

What do the stars say?

While the stars that captain these teams are already powerful and impactful influencers in their own right, they are still awaiting the influence of your power to make their team win the grand prize. Sugandha Mishra, Sanket Bhosle, Gaurav Gera and Ssumier Pasricha are creating some cool and knock out content, which can also be checked out here https://www.zee5.com/hipionzee5/hpl-2020/.

All this has you excited like I am? Then this is how you play it.

The steps are fairly easy as-

Step 1- A three easy step registration process at ZEE5’s HiPi premier league
Step 2- After registering for this high-spirited community, you then create your content and edit and filter it as per your creative talent.
Step 3- Spread and show love by liking and commenting on other fellows HiPi content creators, also inviting your own friends and family to come and join your fun.
Step 4- Joining the HiPi Verse- ZEE5’s HiPi premier league has a fun aspect. You can discover the latest challenges. This is what #HappensOnHiPi to make it stand out.

How do you get rewarded?

While you need to follow the captain of your team, support him, cheer him, like I am cheering for Indrani Biswas, you also need to score for your team. The most you take part in the daily challenges, the more videos you put up, the more you score. One like here is one run. I have scored nearly 50 runs for my team.

There is a daily challenge, where maximum likes at the end of the day wins and is termed as the Creator of the day.

There is also a content Creator of the Week: they are the ones whose video gets maximum likes throughout the week.

The final being the prize for the HPL Golden Creator, the biggest fan whose videos receive the maximum likes throughout the HPL season.

My Experience

This has been one of the most fun journeys that I have been a part of recently. You have to check out a sample of the roast videos of this app, here

I am already with ZEE5 and playing the #HiPiPremierLeague, what are you waiting for? It is now or never.


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