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Young India! Meet Aman Anand - a young artist, now ruling the creative world
His great work "Soul of Martyrdoms" has been bought by an American Citizen from Stamford, USA

Young India! Meet Aman Anand – a young artist, now ruling the creative world

Young India – Creative India!!

Postman News presents interaction with Aman Anand. He is a well known international artist. His journey started from unpracticed sketches, and figures filled of naïve mistakes, but then he discovered his innate ability to draw.

He has come a long way from sketches to paintings, paper to canvas, and art as a hobby to art as the primary goal of life. Today, as an artist, he understands how significant his role is in a society which is distorted and dilapidated in materialistic chaos. Art is not simple imitation but also adding new perspectives and also talking about things that remain hidden inside in layers of anxiety in modern times.

We had a detailed interaction with him, the same is provided here for the pleasure of reading of our readers. We have attached some of his great work and paintings too.

1. What is ART for you? How did it all start? 
It will be a very common answer to call art my passion but it is the only true answer that I have. Art is passion for me. It let me take deep plunges into the inner depth of my own psyche and I discover something new about myself. It all started when I was still a child. I figured that it was one special thing about me that I wanted to nurture. Later on, my experience with other disciplines taught me how I was natural at it and how it gave a stability to my thinking and my personality, so it start as an honest self expression and self exploration.

2. How have you developed your career?
It has been slow yet steady development of my career goals. I have set small time oriented target and focused on achieving them in a time frame. From an amateur in 2010, over past 8 years I have developed my own style with work on historical structure/ monuments.


Young India! Meet Aman Anand - a young artist, now ruling the creative world
Title:- Ganpati
Medium:- Acrylic on canvas
Size:- 36″ by 24″


3. What is your favourite colour and is there any particular reason for it?
Sap green is my favourite colour. Its difficult to point out one specific reason but I like it because it’s a colour feel follow of energy, the cycle of life for me. It’s a colour that rejuvenates me.

4. How is your personality reflected in your work?
My work has a balance of element yet a from a vitality, rebellion in them. It reflects my friendly and calm nature that has a great sense of resolute behind all the calmness. I have a great love for architectural pattern structure of monuments. My love for monuments is very eminent in my motif and painting.


Young India! Meet Aman Anand - a young artist, now ruling the creative world
Title:- shield of Rad fort
Medium:- Acrylic on canvas
Size:- 24″ by 18″


5. Which artist or painter has influenced you?
Amrita shergill, Vangogh .

6. Is there a work of art you would like to have in your home next to your own work?
Yes, Amrita Shergill. She is both an inspiration and challenge to an artist. Having her work around would be like having a pumping session to your creative instincts.

7. What do you think are some of the most inspiring things happened in currently?
I have been feeling some amazing emotions. These days, that like having a spring within. The reason is I recently work for a publisher and government organisation with recognition. So this happiness and endeavour has been really exciting to my creative instinct.

8. How do you overcome creative block?
Its all about patience and also about mental well being one has to keep everything apart and just think about art and go with the flow.

9. What are the limits of painting?
Painting has no limits for me. Its as expressive as creative as human can get. Its this limitlessness of painting that it has survived over the years. Over centuries and eras despite all the modernity.


Young India! Meet Aman Anand - a young artist, now ruling the creative world
Medium:- Acrylic on canvas
Size:- 12″ by 18″


10. Where do you see yourself after 5 years?
Firstly I would like to developing my portfolio with more and more exhibitions. I hope to refine my personalised unique style soon. Its my dream to have my own art gallery. So in that upcoming years, I wish to complete my dream to open my own art gallery.

11. One of your biggest weakness and how you overcome it?
Sometimes I feel I am slothful person, when it come to work I usually rap up, work at least mint. I overcome it by my determination and commitment towards the work and positive analysis of my creative abilities and I try to ensure that end result is always positive.

12. How do you start a work — do you have any result?
I don’t follow any ritual for starting a painting. Its about my idea and how I feel about that particular subject even if I even develop any ritual, I will try to restrict myself in its usage for me, art is about inner guidance than some ritualistic practice.

13. What is the one factor that has kept you going?
I have always felt that art is the thing that brings out the best in me. I always feel motivated to work more and more. And painting never feel like a work.


Young India! Meet Aman Anand - a young artist, now ruling the creative world
Title:- An unsean truth
Medium:- Acrylic on canvas
Size:- 36″ by 14″


14. Do you think that today art is under- appreciated?
Yes, art is facing such an onslaught by consumerist behaviour that there is a focus on utility over aesthetics. People seek usage, price and motive to every thing, even feeling. Art has last its patrons as well as admires. Art has tried to cope up with it through digitalisation but its still user driven than artist than artist driven. But its makes art even more crucial as only art can takes humanity out of this maze of endless consumption and complaining.

15. How does your work comment an current social or political issues? 
My work has this fine balance of being alone in the crowded world. Its just shows how the social setting has been crowded with social media and a pressure to be popular and yet people are alone and seek companionship. Thus, my work reflects, the intricacies of youth and how entangled it is.

16. How do you seek out opportunities? 
Its usually through fellow artist and teachers. At times, galleries also approach directly. It is a mix of links and luck. I try to make sure that i make the best out of every opportunity.


Young India! Meet Aman Anand - a young artist, now ruling the creative world
Title:- Bounded Freedom
Medium:- oil on canvas
Size:- 48″ by 36″


17. What is the best way to exhibit a painting?
Best way to art work for me or any artist would be if the galleries are keen to exhibit the work themselves.

18. How do you price your work?
Every artist price the work as per square feet by my barometer to prize my art work depend upon my attainments and the emotions that as art work holds in a piece of canvas.

19. What was this point when you realised that this (art) is where you belong?
It was through the sheer joy that painting gave me. I realised how painting enlightened me body and soul. The appreciation for my works also motivated me to take it further. Its not just the end product but also the entire process of painting that I enjoy. So its not just about destination, the journey is also wonderful in itself.

20. A lot of parents are reluctant to accept the fact that their children are choosing an unconventional career choice? Anything that you would like to tell them?  
Convincing parents for an unconventional career is tough bit at times one has to both persuasive and good at their work. I did diploma in fine arts after many professional courses which made it even more difficult and unconventional to go for fine arts instead of any main stream further professional courses. But as they say it’s the road not taken that makes the entires different and I choose the road less travelled.

21. Were your parents okay with the fact that you will not be an engineer/ MBBS/ doctor?
Yes, it was difficult initially to conveince them but later on they connect with my passion and became a strong motivating force. They also kept of a check on my schedule that I am committed to art with fuel concentration. Thus, today I see them as my biggest pillars of support.

22. Do you see yourself as trying out new mediums/ forms of art in your near future?
Yes, I would love to try new forms/ mediums because art in itself compasses a whole new world to explore and for a budding artist forms/ mediums should not be the barriers to the path that await in future.

23. Is there a future of painting or you are one of the last serviour?
Art has a great future ahead. It may change its form with the changing times but its gonna stay. It has stayed since the rock ages through rock painting to modern times. It may change but would stay.

24. If you were about to be reborn, what would you like to be- still an artist?
Yes very much, I can’t imagine myself being anything else.

25. A lot of artist have come up lately, specially the younger generation! Any particular message to them?
Art teaches you perseverance so please persist in your efforts and keep on working on your own style your own originality.


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