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Young India! Meet Aman Anand - a young artist, now ruling the creative world
His great work "Soul of Martyrdoms" has been bought by an American Citizen from Stamford, USA

Young India! Meet Aman Anand – a young artist, now ruling the creative world

Young India – Creative India!!

Postman News presents interaction with Aman Anand. He is a well known international artist. His journey started from unpracticed sketches, and figures filled of naïve mistakes, but then he discovered his innate ability to draw.

He has come a long way from sketches to paintings, paper to canvas, and art as a hobby to art as the primary goal of life. Today, as an artist, he understands how significant his role is in a society which is distorted and dilapidated in materialistic chaos. Art is not simple imitation but also adding new perspectives and also talking about things that remain hidden inside in layers of anxiety in modern times.

We had a detailed interaction with him, the same is provided here for the pleasure of reading of our readers. We have attached some of his great work and paintings too.

1. What is ART for you? How did it all start? 
It will be a very common answer to call art my passion but it is the only true answer that I have. Art is passion for me. It let me take deep plunges into the inner depth of my own psyche and I discover something new about myself. It all started when I was still a child. I figured that it was one special thing about me that I wanted to nurture. Later on, my experience with other disciplines taught me how I was natural at it and how it gave a stability to my thinking and my personality, so it start as an honest self expression and self exploration.

2. How have you developed your career?
It has been slow yet steady development of my career goals. I have set small time oriented target and focused on achieving them in a time frame. From an amateur in 2010, over past 8 years I have developed my own style with work on historical structure/ monuments.



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