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Yoga is helpful for Mental Health, organised by Ministry of Ayush and Manasvani

Yoga is helpful for Mental Health, organised by Ministry of Ayush and Manasvani

The Ministry of Ayush and Manasvani organised an event on 18 th July 2019 to celebrate the essence of yoga . The program was organized for members of Parliament and special initiative was by yogacharya Mansi Gulati on 1, Lodhi Estate.

The purpose was to spread the awareness and benefits of yoga not just on a said particular Yoga Day but making it a regular practice in our day to day life.

There was elaborate demonstration of asanas and people enthusiastically participated during the session to acclimatize the body to Yogic exercises & Yoga. The participants were introduced to Yogasanas, Kapalbhati, Pranayama, Dhyna, Sankalpa and Meditation, as per the common protocol issued by Ministry of Ayush, Govt. of India.

The event was well publicised prior to its celebration which resulted in many yoga enthusiasts attending, along with high end officials from the ministry like Sri G Kishan Reddy (mos Home Affairs), Rashmi Singh IAS, Shyam Jaju, including 18 member of parliament and The chief guest Sri Sripad Nayak (Minister of Ayush)in his welcome remarks, highlighted the Indian origin of yoga, its benefits etc.

The programme, lasting about an hour was conducted under the supervision of a yogacharya Mansi Gulati that included an overview of the benefits of yoga and demonstration of the important asanayas and postures. She also delivered an excellent talk on yogik kriyas and enlightened the participants about scientific relevance and importance of Yoga in our life and explained how a Yoga practiced perpetually benefits to reduce stress at work for a healthier body and mind.

She conveyed that yogva was a great way to connect to oneself and achieve a healthy balance between the mind and body.”People are losing their health consciousness, but yoga is one way to get it back”,

Ms. Mansi Gulati said and added that yoga helps people in attaining harmony within themselves as well with other members of the community. She also mentioned that Yoga helps people in maintaining balance among their thoughts, emotions, and feelings, and thereby improving their effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity.

The program that started at 7:30 am in morning was properly arranged to spread awareness of yoga in all aspects, both for the uninitiated as well as the practitioners. over all the program was served to highlight the importance of yoga, as a part of a healthy all round regimen and was successful in establishing the message.


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