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‘Yoga’ a rage in this European country, half the population adopts PM Modi’s favourite fitness regime

If you think that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the only leader in the world to promote Yoga, then you are possibly wrong.

Well, PM Modi now has a partner to take Yoga to new heights. Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has now planned to start the fitness regime himself.

Lukashenko said this to Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan who is leading an Indian parliamentary goodwill delegation to Belarus. Lukashenko said that half of Belarus’ population is into Yoga.

Sharing his thoughts on the relations between the two countries, President Lukashenko said Yoga has become a rage in Belarus. As per the statement of Lok Sabha Secretariat, Lukashenko mentioned that he had informed PM Narendra Modi, on the sidelines of SCO meeting in Qindao, that half of Belarus’ population has taken up Yoga and that he himself was planning to start Yoga exercises.

Meanwhile, Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan has said that she derives mental strength from Yoga and it helps her handle works of the Lower House. At the international Yoga festival in New Delhi, Mahajan said that there is a need to spread Yoga across the country for a healthy and better future.

Mahajan added that the world has come to realise the importance of Yoga and it has emerged as a symbol of healthy lifestyle. There is a need to take Yoga to all the corners of the country, Sumitra Mahajan said while addressing Yoga trainers, students and practitioners from different parts of country and abroad.

PM Narendra Modi, an avid follower of Yoga, did Yoga exercises despite rains for at least 15 minutes in Lucknow in 2017. Modi had said yoga was a path to attain wellness and was akin to a free life insurance. The Prime Minister underlined that yoga in life was as important as salt in food.

“Salt not just makes food tasty but also adds nourishment value to it. It is cheap and is used in very small quantity but none can deny its significance”, PM Modi had said at the International Yoga Day event last year.

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