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CEO of Radius Valley Fintech Pvt Ltd Tushar Singh Sengar

World’s first Blockchain powered Decentralized Ecosystem for Startups & mainstream organizations

We are well aware of the fact that blockchain technology with its inherent strengths of Immutability, transparency, collective validation of blocks ledger, data authentication and onchain enforcement of contracts opened up a new era of Decentralized Management and finance.

With so many innovations around the segment is growing up by providing utility to many industries and governance. But there is still a darker side if we consider the case of startups especially involved in raising funds by offering digital tokens (to which we call Crypto assets) to be bought by masses in general. 

We have no law whatsoever in force and the Internet being the global medium to disseminate information it is not difficult for bad actors to showcase faulty and fake crypto projects with flowery language and professional marketing literally without being accountable to anyone in any way.

Currently, there exist a lot many platforms offering any organization, especially startups to raise funds in crypto assets yet they involve a human intervention for deciding upon the legitimacy of startup’s projects and teams which fails the goal of blockchain technology of decentralization and collective control.

The need of the hour is to offer startups with their digital tokens to organize as a professional entity by providing them a blockchain powered decentralized ecosystem which is non-existent till date.

The bright side is, Equinox Business is building the first such ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain. The Application includes tons of decentralization tools such as:

  1. Teams with valid credentials can register themselves as an ORG 3.0 (Operations and Resource Group) based on semantic web technology.
  2. These teams can deploy their business projects over blockchain and can create a Governance token (G-Token) for every project.
  3. While creating projects, teams have to create a blockchain based MultiSig wallet for crypto assets management. 
  4. These G-Tokens can be distributed among investors & stakeholders or can also be used to raise crypto with ‘Unified ICO Interface’ to meet projects fundraising needs. In addition to this, the Ecosystem comes with an Enterprise DEX (Decentralized Exchange) to list the G-Tokens for conventional trading and use of De-Fi tools.
  5. The G-token holders are the ultimate controller of the ORG 3.0. They can revoke team access, approve new teams to manage existing teams and can vote on proposals of ORG 3.0 to approve or disapprove it. With this, Equinox Business has extended the concept of DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) in a useful way.
  6. The teams behind the project can create proposals which are open for vote by their G-Token holders and the fate of such proposals depends upon the quorum under voting.

These are some of the features which the team behind Equinox Application claims to offer in weeks to come. CEO of Radius Valley Fintech Pvt Ltd Tushar Singh Sengar said “This is the MVP (Minimum Viable Project) of the application. ERP grade business management tools & an own public blockchain is in development phase will be integrated with the platform once we are ready with it.” He also said “Interestingly you can even deploy the mainstream offices of public concerns to be governed by stakeholders and the platform will be CBDC (Central bank digital currency) ready for digital assets suppose to be managed by a group of bureaucrats if governments debut their digital currencies. We are also looking into writing to governments all over the world to think over the Equinox Ecosystem to be officially used by mainstream offices and projects on Decentralized governance & decision making or management needs.”

Readers may visit www.equinox.business to know more about the project and can connect with the team behind Equinox Business over their social channels through the links available on the website or may ask questions & resolve queries on telegram community t.me/eqxcommunity.

To own the platform’s native crypto asset ‘EQX’ users may participate in It’s Initial Coin Offering live at app.equinox.business and connect their web3 wallet to swap it with BTC, ETH, BNB, USDT or BUSD.

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