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World Environment Day message from Sony SAB artists

World Environment Day message from Sony SAB artists

Dev Joshi, Baalveer in Sony SAB’s Baalveer Returns

“Human survival is impossible if the environment is harmed and hence it becomes very important for humans to take care of the environment. In order to take care of ourselves, we have to take care of the environment as it is crucial to create and maintain harmony. These days when there is less human activity due to the lockdown, nature is healing itself and it shows us that we need to reduce the activities that are causing harm to our environment.”

“I personally indulge myself in planting a lot of plants and trees, whether it is at my house or my village, to maintain greenery. My role as Baalveer has given me many opportunities to impart messages, of protecting the environment, to my fans. “

Bhakti Rathod, Urmila from Sony SAB’s Bhakharwadi

“This is the right time and chance to restart the good environment cycle. Our environment has got a kick start due to the current situation, so let’s make the most of it. The sunlight so brightly entering the windows at 7 pm is a proof of how much the air has cleared. The first raindrops showing its presence just in the beginning of June proves that the earth is healing. I have used a lot my lockdown period in learning to plant and grow those plants. Just 5 plants by each person will create a lot of difference in this world.”

“So, this World Environment Day, let us pledge to take those little steps that help boost this process of healing for the Earth. While we protect our environment, let us also take care of ourselves in these times by breathing in a lot more positivity and hope.”

Anusha Mishra, Alia from Sony SAB’s Tera Kya Hoga Alia

“There will be no planet without us trying to save it as much as we can. The environment has been suffering already, thanks to humans. So, whatever, the humans can do to prevent further harm, is very important so that the nature sustains for the future generation. These days, as humans have stayed home, the Earth is healing little by little. What this period has taught us is we need to keep a check on our activities, so that the earth gets a break and is able to breathe. “

“On a personal front, I take care of a lot of things to reduce wastage of resources, for example, I don’t use a shower instead use a bucket and mug to take bath as that helps me save water. Apart from that, my mom and I reuse the plastic bottles we get, as a container for plants, etc. This World Environment Day, I would like to request everyone to be cautious with the items they are using, the quantity and how they are disposing them of. Make sure there is a demarcation between wet waste and dry waste. Try to reuse and recycle a much as you can and grow plants at your home.”


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