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With RedLake and HostDust Infotech merged, Vivek Singh, talks on existing and upcoming opportunities

With RedLake and HostDust Infotech merged, Vivek Singh, talks on existing and upcoming opportunities

Every success counts, and it makes us grow. It guides us through and helps us walk from where we are and where we wish to be, once we know the path to walk further. The success of many such businessmen can be seen today, who not just focused on what they do but also gave their growth numerous chances to see beyond the limited ideas and patterns. Among those success makers comes the name of Vivek Singh, the founder, and CEO of HostDust Infotech Pvt Ltd, who began his journey eight years back. He started with the website development and a few other start-ups and continued to move ahead as the pattern got built. It is due to the hard work of him and his team that today, HostDust Infotech has taken a step ahead and merged with RedLake, where he holds the position of CEO and an investor with Manan Raj as the founder. It for sure was a big step but as all say, “Vivek is a man of vision, and he knows, how to move ahead and how to ensure his every move to come closer to the path of success, step by step,” and it is these words which make us feel, undoubtedly he will lead the company towards the right path.

Vivek, apart from the above, also has some of the outstanding achievements. In the year 2017, he stood at the 2nd position in the entrepreneurship challenge while in 2018, he was also among the selected candidates for Smart India Hackathon. Well, not just this, his list grows if we look upon the opportunities he received, like being a part of the Government Initiative (MHRD and PWD) for the attendance system or he being offered the partnership under the company he worked for, due to his experience and great control over the field. By all means, Vivek no matter what he did, he did show in tremendous growth and skills which not just attracted the people to be a part of his ideas but also made them give him the responsibilities with trust. He was for them, “The heart of gold and the mind so bold,” who knew, where to stop and where to take a step ahead with that leap.

HostDust Infotech, well, it was a team of 3. Vivek Singh as the Co-founder and Director, while the other two important key players and the Directors included the name of Pankaj Kashyap and Sunny Bundel, without whom the website would not have received the success it deserved. By all means, they gave in their best in work and ensured their hosting services to grow better and farther. Surely, it was a work of growth with the amazing plans offered but then again, “For those who wish to grow, do not limit their ideas” and neither did Vivek and his team who took steps towards opportunities and joined hands with Manan Raj, the founder of Redlake, an Indian web hosting company, which aims to connect offline businesses to the online world. The objectives were still the same, but the vision grew to take that step ahead and get into the world of not just web hosting, but also, DMCA Ignored Hosting, VPS server, and Dedicated server hosting in India. All they aimed for was to provide the best at an affordable rate with the best services in India.

With every step the company takes, whether big or small, there is a growth in the world, and with the changing policies and the support being received, no wonder what the companies today can do. A lot of hopes lies upon and with how Vivek has always taken a step ahead, no matter he passed or failed, there is a lot more to see from his end, “a world of much more opportunities in the field of Digital Marketing and Hosting services in the Indian companies.”
“Grow and see what you feel. If you don’t have the urge to go a little beyond, your mind holds the limit, but if you wish to just have a sneak peek of a little more, there you are, growing and leading around. Be the same and keep growing,” says Vivek aiming his words towards the upcoming in this field and all around. Rightly said and for those who follow might see the change. So, do not wait, grow, and start it today.


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