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Will Bhimrao’s ‘Alaav’ revolution result in education for all

Will Bhimrao’s ‘Alaav’ revolution result in education for all

Babasaheb started the fight for equal rights for education for all, at a very young age in his life. He believed even if a single person from a village studies, the entire village is qualified. That one individual can make a big difference to the society. Fighting for the ‘right to education’ Babasaheb wanted the kids from his community to study in the same school as the others. To revolt against the unjust education system set up by Sethji (Sunil Dutt) and to instil hope in the minds of children of his caste, Babasaheb lit an ‘Alaav’outside the school. Looking at his undying spirit to fight with the education system, Ambedkar Guruji takes a firm stand and urges the villagers to send their kids to study. This action of Babasaheb angers Sethji and Chaiwala even more.

Talking about the upcoming episode Jagannath Nivangune shares, “An ardent believer of education is for all, Babasaheb always strived to get equal opportunities to everyone without any discrimination. Bringing this lesson in front of the audience is the upcoming episode of Ek Mahanayak Dr. B. R Ambedkar, wherein Sethji and Chaiwala feed the villagers and ask them not to send their kid to the same school as Bhimrao in a revolt against the school dispute. Hearing what Sethji has done Bhimrao lights up a bunch of sticks in front of the school as an emblem to signify that, until the sticks are on fire their community’s hope for better education remains. Looking at Bhimrao’s relentless efforts for the fight of education will Sethji let him succeed?”


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