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When Talent Meets Recognition | ‘Dots & Streaks’ Winner Of LIT Digital Awards 2020

When Talent Meets Recognition | ‘Dots & Streaks’ Winner Of LIT Digital Awards 2020

As the title goes, a fortunate stroke of serendipity happened when the writers across the country were greeted by the LIT Digital Awards 2020, organized by Literary Mirror. This commendable effort taken up by Mr. Nitish Raj (the Editor-in-chief) and team in these drab times of the Covid era was like the warmth of the sunshine for the writers. More so, because the award was designed to recognize and reward talent in the literary world without distinguishing between the debut and the experienced authors. All the authors and their books were together gauged under one common lens by the eminent Jury members.

‘Dots & Streaks’ a maiden attempt by the author Ellora Mishra made it to the top of the winners list among the 55 initial nominated masterpieces. In the words of the renowned Jury members and the team of Literary Mirror “After an exhaustive evaluation of the various manuscripts in the coveted The LIT Digital Awards 2020, the masterpiece which could stand true to its potential in front of the renowned jury members was Dots & Streaks by Ellora Mishra. The debut poetess had made a huge shout out to the literary fraternity by grabbing the coveted award. “

The book is a collection of short poetic tales which is an ensemble of life’s musings and our day to day experiences woven with the thread of verses encompassing the emotions of kinship, nostalgia, joy, dreams, hope, ego, reminiscence, love and many more. While the book accommodates reflections and musings with rhythm, the feelings that the soulful verses affably build are a myriad of emotions one has definitely experienced in one’s life journey. The book beautifully delves into the philosophical aspects of life at large compelling you to pause, reflect, ruminate and take cognizance of life that is lost in our daily pursuits of the mundane. Therefore, making such books like ‘Dots & Streaks’ a much needed read especially during these trying times and even otherwise.

An Engineer from BITS Pilani, Rajasthan and MBA from XIMB, Bhubaneswar by qualifications, the author Ellora Mishra has been a corporate banker throughout her professional career. The book ‘Dots & Streaks’ is her attempt to rekindle her childhood passion for writing  which was till now overpowered and had taken a back seat in the pursuits of a corporate career and it’s races. Her writing, until now, was limited to a hidden canvass of her blog which she lovingly nurtured under a pen name. In the author Ellora Mishra’s words “hobbies and passion which generally are a heart’s calling, happen to get muffled in the pursuits of the mind which is a prey to societal definitions. We as a society should strive to encourage, support and recognize the passions of those who are attempting to follow their hobbies so that more and more talent can come to the forefront and enrich the creative world.”

This opportunity and recognition provided by Literary Mirror through this award and platform is a shout out to all those and many such budding and hibernating talents who aspire to make a mark in the world of literature.


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