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When a tweet by PM Modi left ‘Exam Warrior’ Sakshi Pradyumn surprised – Here’s how the ISC topper reacted

It was just an ordinary day for Lucknow’s ISC topper Sakshi Pradyumn, but little did he know that he was about to experience something unusual.

Pradyumn was going about his day when he saw that a letter that he wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, thanking him for his book ‘Exam Warriors’, was shared on the official Twitter handle of the PM. It was a huge surprise for Sakshi who felt on top of the world on seeing the post.

Along with the letter, PM had written a personalised message of the young lad saying, “Thank you Sakshi for this wonderful letter. I am glad that #ExamWarriors helped you during your exam preparations. My best wishes.”

Speaking to FinancialExpress.com, Sakshi said that it was his father who works for Indian Railways who introduced him to the book. It was Union Railway Minister Piyush Goyal who had recommended railway employees to suggest ‘Exam Warriors’ to their children during their exam time.

While talking about managing time and relieving the exam stress to perform better, Sakshi believes that a balance between studies and extracurriculars is important to give a 100 per cent. He said that he does not believe in becoming a bookworm, instead, he used to take regular breaks between his lessons to indulge in tennis, chess among other activities to stay stress-free. Even on the eve of his board examination, Sakshi took out the time for a little outdoor activity.

While talking about his plans for future, Sakshi said that he wishes to pursue Computer Science and is yet to decide on a college yet. He said that he has received some offers for 3 foreign universities and has to make a choice between them and IIT and BITS Pilani within the next 10 days.

It was earlier in the month, when Sakshi Pradyumn, a student of City Montessori School, Kanpur Road Campus, Lucknow decided to write a letter to PM Narendra Modi in order to thank his for his book ‘Exam Warrior’ that helped him through the stressful time of his exams.

In his letter, Sakshi expressed gratitude towards the Prime Minister and said, “I received an invaluable gift, ‘Exam Warriors’ when my XII Board Examinations were about to start.” He added that the book was “priceless as it not only gave me mantras to concentrate, relieve the stress and increase confidence but also to be jovial even during tense moments of board examination and other competitive examinations.”

Thanking the PM for his quote, “Let us be warriors, not worriers”, Sakshi said that he followed the principle to the hilt. He further informed the Prime Minister that he had secured a total of 99.5% marks in ISC Board examination and also holds the “Top Merit Position- 1st”, with a perfect score of 100 in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science and 99 in Hindi and 98 in English.

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