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We won ! Hard work pays off- Shilpa Sarpotdar.

We won ! Hard work pays off- Shilpa Sarpotdar.

Shilpa Sarpotdar, a reputed director of the Mumbai District Co-Operative Bank and the President of Shiv Sahakar Sena heartily congratulates Uddhav Balasaheb Thackeray for being honoured as The Chief Minister of Maharashtra government.

Shilpa Sarpotdar has been leading the co-operative wing of Shiv Sena for more than a decade. She is proceeding this political philanthropy from her Father in law Madhukar Sarpotdar and husband Atul Sarpotdar.

Shilpa has contested Lok Sabha as well as Vidhan Sabha elections. Now, her son Jay Sarpotdar is taking hereditary loyalty with Shivsena ahead. Jay is the 24 year old young boy who wants to give back something to society, that’s how he started his NGO knows as Rajyog foundations.

24 year Yuvsena Deputy Secretary Jay Sarpotdar owes his tutilage and knowledge of people and demography to his mother Shilpa Sarpotdar.

With several projects undertaken for Medical and Educational welfare under their wing, Jay has leaped furthermore into public good by creating the “Rajyog Foundation”, which expands over several more aspects of magnanimity.

With the guidance of his mother and blessing of his grandfather, Madhukar Sarpotdar, founding member of the Shivsena, Jay would be great representative of the youth in India’s political and public work space.


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