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We chart the career of the next big star: Naani Krissh

We chart the career of the next big star: Naani Krissh

The entertainment industry in India is changing and growing by leaps and bounds. And that change is evident with the rise in young and dynamic filmmakers. Especially in regional cinema, where a new clique of film professionals are changing the landscape of Indian cinema with their fresh talent and youthful spirit. Sai Krishna is one such new face of Indian cinema.

The 21-year old director, producer and creative VFX artist, also known by the name of Naani Krissh, recently released his socio-fantasy short film Opperah. His first major directorial project in the short-film space, this movie garnered more than 8 million views across YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook.

We chart the career of the next big star: Naani Krissh

Son of Padmashree Mandolin maestro Lt. Uppalapu Srinivas, Naani Krishh, has been hands-on with graphics and animation from the age of eight. Using creative effects skill, he debuted as a director when he was 16 and made ‘Eega Spoof by Kids’ in 2012 for YouTube. The movie went viral across social media and made him a name to reckon with, among youngsters and short-film fans. This was soon followed by NI (No Identity) in 2014, and a documentary on his late father thereafter.

In the constantly evolving entertainment industry, filmmakers have also diversified their skills and turned entrepreneurs. By encouraging young film aspirants, the new generation filmmakers like Naani Krishh are aiming at leveraging local talent. Naani has established a studio named SSK Arts, to encourage young and promising film makers and artists.
The studio provides a foundation for aspiring actors, directors, graphic artists, and animators, who seek to create a place of their own in the film industry. In fact, SSK Arts was fundamental in the making of the epic mythological-scientific-fantasy film ‘Opperah.’ With numerous accolades and appreciation from the media, movie-critics, and veteran film makers like Kalaipuli S. Thanu (producer of Kabali), Opperah and SSK Arts have together taken Indian animation short films to a whole new level. The studio is currently in the process of developing more short-films and animation features, one of which is set to release soon.

With SSK Arts, Sai Krishna has paved the way for fresh and young filmmakers to become the next big star of Indian cinema, and shine in the bigger arena of Indian film industry.


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