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Video: Jackie Shroff directing traffic on a busy street just went viral: Jaggu Dada’s love for cars runs quite deep

Social Media has spawned many well-orchestrated PR stunts in recent times, with celebs addressing important social issues using the Social media outlet, and claiming another 15 seconds of fame in the process.

However, every now and then through the sea of PR stunts a truly touching example of a celebrity doing the right thing without the usual pomp and show involved in being a celebrity shines through.

The most recent of which shows actor Jackie Shroff getting out of his car in the middle of busy Lucknow street to direct traffic is threatening to break the internet on account of how sheerly un-celebrity like it is. Jackie Shroff has long been known for his un-celebrity like behaviour, something that has made him even closer to his fans.

Shroff, who also assumed the role of brand ambassador for thalassemics India earlier this year, put the video up on twitter with the simple tag “Lucknow Traffic Control”.

The Video which was taken when the actor was in Lucknow shooting a Hindi remake of Prasthaanam, shows Shroff outside his car in the middle of the street directing traffic so his car can continue along the road. What stands out is during the entire course of the video there are no bodyguards or even him being high and mighty.

Twitterati who are usually quick to dismiss orchestrated PR stunts have applauded the star for his ability to be a truly stand-up without really abusing his position.

Now we usually don’t make it a point to pick bring you celebrity PR stunts or your average Twitter viral video. The way we see it is that Jackie Shroff is a well-known car enthusiast with a collection that includes a BMW M5, a Bentley Continental GT and a rare-vintage Jaguar SS100.

The video also shows that beyond the love for cars, his respect for fellow road users is commendable. His unassuming nature in the video makes us want to ensure that this video gets out to as many people as possible!

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