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Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu launches ‘International Satavadhanam’ event, a unique literary feat

Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu launches ‘International Satavadhanam’ event, a unique literary feat

The Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu has observed that ‘avadhanam’ as a literary feat has greatly contributed to the Telugu language’s glorious tradition. ‘Avadhanam’ is like a test of the poet’s literary prowess and scholarship, he added. This extraordinary feat, a historical and unique feature of only a few languages, should be further promoted, the Vice President advised.

The ‘International ‘Satavadhanam’’ program, launched virtually by the Vice President today, was organized by Dr. Medasani Mohan under the auspices of Sri Krishnadevaraya Satsang in Tirupati. Speaking on the occasion, he said ‘avadhanam’ is an exciting literary performance that involves solving tricky literary posers, improvising poems and tests a person’s capability of performing such multiple tasks simultaneously.

Venkiah Naidu said our mother tongue is our wealth. Writers, poets, linguists and others should put greater efforts to preserve our heritage and pass it on to future generations, the Vice President added. He appreciated holding of programs to preserve and promote Indian languages and their heritage in foreign countries and expressed his delight at participating in such events. He urged the participants not to forget the roots of their mother tongue, while pursuing foreign languages.

Observing that language is not just an expression of emotion, the Vice President said that language conveys a person’s nationality and cultural heritage. Stressing the need to preserve and nourish one’s mother tongue, he said that it was important to accord respect to all languages. Venkiah Naidu added that as a civilization we can prosper only when we preserve our mother tongue, Bharatiya Sanskriti, nature and the environment.

The Vice President also appreciated the efforts of Medasani Mohan and others in preserving and promoting Telugu language traditions.

He also commended the participation of scholars and connoisseurs from nearly 20 countries across the world in the literary feat of ‘avadhanam’. He added that holding such a virtual event in the times of the current pandemic was laudable. Turning adverse circumstances into opportunities is the way forward, he added.

The Vice President said that this will pave the way for more such “avadhanams’’ and encourage more Indian literary and language programmes to become global.

The other dignitaries, who participated in the event, include officials, corporate leaders, people from the film fraternity, writers, scholars, and enthusiasts from many countries participated.


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