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Varun Khanna’s Fast&Up helps boost immunity of Active India

Varun Khanna’s Fast&Up helps boost immunity of Active India

Today, the nutraceutical industry is inundated with companies marketing themselves as leading providers of nutrition and supplements, along with unreliable claims that their products provide quick and effective results. The nutraceutical industry has gained prominence from the western world, and now it is rapidly gaining pace in India as well. This industry is currently the fastest growing industry in India, and several brands are coming to India and want to establish themselves as the ‘best’ in the market.

However, out of these supposedly leading brands, we recognized a truly genuine and innovative nutraceutical brand that we feel provides magical results to athletes across the globe. We are referring to leading nutrition supplement provider- Fast&Up- which is founded by two maestros of their field- Varun Khanna and Vijayaraghavan Venugopal.

Used across the globe, Fast&Up is the brand of choice for several thousand amateur and professional sportspeople, as well as everyday people seeking to fulfil daily nutritional needs. Fast&Up has an array of proprietary and patented products that provide an excellent user experience and enhanced performance. Varun Khanna is a visionary and his vision is to make sure that every active individual finds a solution to their nutrition needs in the most effective and scientific manner.

The other visionary of Fast&Up is Vijayaraghavan Venugopal. He has over 17 years business experience in diverse fields which includes pharmaceuticals & healthcare and has nurtured Fast&Up since 2015. He is also an avid marathoner, who is commonly acknowledged as the fastest CEO of the nation. As an avid runner and fitness enthusiast himself, few understand better the complexity of an athlete’s nutritional needs.

Fast&Up aims to serve athletes the topmost products, which can effectively elevate the standard of athletes on and off the field by delivering to them the global standards of nutrition in the sporting world. Fast&Up is one of the foremost nutrition brands trusted by Indian athletes to help raise the bar for their training as well as their performance.

Fast&Up is the strategy supplier to elite institutions and sporting bodies. It is validation of the fact that Fast&Up delivers results that are undeniably effective. As a testament to the impact they have made in the nutritional world, Fast&Up was voted by The Economic Times as the Best Health & Fitness Brand of 2019.

In today’s market of endless supplements, the quality of their products speaks for itself. Fast&Up is widely known for its quality and makes sure that its products are safe and effective for its consumers. Multiple products and batches are sent to the UK and tested by Informed Choice making it the preferred nutrition for elite athletes in the country. Look no further to begin your journey towards active nutrition.

Varun Khanna and Vijayraghavan Venugopal wish to use their expertise and insight for the betterment of people, athletes and everyday people alike and are dutifully driven towards this ambition.


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