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Varroc Showcases the Roadmap for the Future of Mobility at Auto Components Expo

Varroc Showcases the Roadmap for the Future of Mobility at Auto Components Expo

Varroc Engineering Limited, a global Tier-1 auto component supplier, revealed its future roadmap at the 15th Edition of the Auto Components Expo by showcasing solutions for electric mobility, connected vehicles, and lightweighting. The automotive industry is evolving fast and Varroc is staying ahead of the curve with the motto to Perform@Change. The Company’s technological prowess and manufacturing capabilities were highlighted at their stall with three demonstration vehicles – an electric scooter, an IC engine bike, and a car.

Varroc’s indigenous solutions for electric vehicles include traction motor and controller with industry-leading efficiency levels of 93% and 98% respectively. The ingress protection ratings of IP67 for traction motor and IP65 for controller make them ready to ride in any weather conditions. These, along with the DC-DC converter and Battery Management System (BMS), provide a comprehensive solution for today’s electric two-wheelers and three-wheelers.

The company also showcased telematics solutions for connected mobility, which combine Varroc’s proprietary hardware with software and data analytics solutions from CarIQ – the Pune-based telematics company that Varroc acquired last year. These solutions make a vehicle smarter by providing vital information related to vehicle’s health, location and safety, thus making them useful for vehicle owners, OEMs, fleet owners, and finance & insurance companies. Varroc has also integrated its telematics solutions with instrument clusters to provide on-the-go information to end users such as vehicle health parameters and turn-by-turn navigation.

Varroc’s capabilities in lightweighting were highlighted by the 2-meter wide front panel of a truck, which is made of polymer instead of sheet metal, thus reducing the weight by 65%. Also on display were the engine intake valves made of titanium that are 40% lighter than regular steel valves, which reduces the Noise, Vibrations and Harshness (NVH) levels and improves the fuel efficiency significantly.

The company also showcased the car headlamp housing they’ve developed using waste coffee chaff. These parts are 20% lighter compared to conventional parts made of talc and plastic and use 25% less energy during molding process, thus preserving the environment and reducing their carbon footprint.

To address the growing needs of fuel efficiency and safety, the company displayed products such as Integrated Starter Generator (ISG), adaptive and static bending headlights. The car headlight fitted with cameras, RADAR and LiDAR scanners aids the driver with pedestrian-detection technology, thus making the roads safer for everyone.

Tarang Jain, Founder & Managing Director, Varroc stated on the occasion, “Varroc’s engineering capabilities provide it an edge over its competitors. Our vision is to capitalize on this edge to drive market share growth leveraging automotive trends that remain constant, such as the desire to be greener, safer, smarter and more connected. This vision is clearly reflected at our display at this year’s auto expo.”


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