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&TV's 'Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram' to narrate 'GyraahMukhi Hanuman' story

&TV’s ‘Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram’ to narrate ‘GyraahMukhi Hanuman’ story

The show ‘Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram’ on &TV soon will be back on television with its fresh episodes. After Lord Vishnu incarnated as Lord Ram on earth, Lord Shiva took the form of Lord Hanuman to serve Lord Ram in his purpose to defeat the evil Lord Ravana. Lord Hanuman was the eleventh Rudra avatar of Lord Shiva. In the forthcoming episodes, the story of ‘GyraahMukhi Hanuman’ will be shown through Anjani Mata narrating the tale to Bal Hanuman for him to learn various lessons from each avatar of Lord Shiva to channelize his power for achieving his core purpose.

Actor Ram Yashwardhan will be seen portraying the role of Lord Shiva. The young Nandi avatar will be played by the child artist, Mohan Sharma, aged 14 years old; while the grown-up Nandi avatar will be portrayed by actor, Kaivalya Chheda. The child artist, AbdurRehmani, aged 14-years old, is roped in to portray the character of Lord Shiva’s ‘Grihpati Avatar’.

The first story in the series will be on Lord Shiva’s ‘Nandi Avatar’ followed by stories behind the other avatars which includes Sharabh, Grihapati, Yatinath, Durvasa, Veerbhadra, Piplad, Krishnadarshan, Brhmachaari, Avdhootand finally the eleventh avatar, that is, of Lord Hanuman.

1. Nandi Avatar: Considered a symbol of purity, wisdom, and knowledge, Nandi is someone who hears everyone’s wishes delivers them to Lord Shiva. Nandi was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva. There was a sage named Shilad, who was a Brahmachari. Seeing the decent ending, the Shilad Muni appeased for offspring of Lord Shiva and demanded Ayoniz and a deathless son. One day when Shilad Muni was ploughing the land, he found a child which he namedNandi. Shilad loved his sona lot and even gave up his meditation to spend more time with him. Nandi used to worship Mahadev, and pleased with his dedication, Lord Shiva appeared in front of him and gave him his a ‘Vardan’ that unless someone utters his prayers in Nandi’s ears, their prayers will not reach Lord Shiva.

2. Sharabh Avatar: Lord Shiva assumed the avatar of Sharabh to calm down Narasimha, a fierce man-lion avatar of Vishnu after the demise of Hiranyakshyapoo. He was full of rage after Hiranyakhyapoo’s death. Therefore, all the Gods reached out and prayed to Lord Shiva, who then took a form of Sharabh. He wrapped Narasimha in his tail and took him off with him to calm him down.

3. Grihapati Avatar: As per Shiv Puran, in the city of Dharampur on the banks of Narmada, a sage named Vishwanar and his wife Suchismati lived who yearned to have a child, like Lord Shiva. Vishwanar went to Kashi to please Lord Shiva and worshipped VishveshwarLinga with supreme devotion. Pleased by his dedication, Lord Shiva appeared before Vishwanar from the Shivalinga. When Vishwanar expressed this desire, Lord Shiva agreed to take birth as his son, named Grihapati. But the child came to know that he will be in danger from fire and thunderbolt, he started worshipping Lord Shiva. Indra dampened his journey to Kashi, but Lord Shiva came to his defence and blessed Grihapati. The Shivalinga which he prayed, later, became famous as ‘Agnishwarlinga’ and Lord Shiva made Grihapati the Lord of all the directions.

4. Yatinath Avatar: Mahadev incarnated into the Yatinath Avatar to explain the importance of the guest. There lived a tribal man Aahuk. He and his wife were ardent devotees of Lord Shiva. To test their devotion, one day, Lord Shiva visited them as a guest disguised as Yatinath. He and his wife took diligent care of him and even gave him shelter for the night. Since his hut was small, Aahukslept outside and unfortunately got killed by a wild animal. When his wife tries to take her own life, Lord Shiva gives them a Vardaan, to be born as King Nala and Queen Damyanti in the next life.

5. Durvasa Avatar: Durvasa was a great sage known for his short temper. In Shiv Puran, it is written that Devi Ansuya, the wife of Rishi Atri, wanted to have a child and asked her husband for permission to do penance to the ‘Tridev’, (Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva). After many years, she was granted the boon of three children, each of the Tridev would incarnate as her sons. Brahma incarnated as Soma, Vishnu incarnated as Dattatreya, and Shiva incarnated as Durvasa – a Rudra form of Shiva.

6. Veerbhadra Avatar: This avatar originated from Mahadev’s Jata when Devi Sati sacrificed her body in Yajna, conducted by King Daksh. Lord Shiva in his rage of anger, rooted out of his Jatas leading to the origination of Veerbhadra, who cut off King Daksh’s head. Later, Mahadev put the goat’s head to King Daksh’s beheaded body to bring him back to life.

7. Piplad Avatar: At one time, God Shani used to cast his eyes on small children as well and did not listen to any God in front of him. So, Mahadev took the Piplad Avatar to change this rigid rule of haughty Shani.

8. Krishnadarshan Avatar:Mahadev incarnated in his Krishna Darshan avatar to highlight the importance of yagna and rituals in a person’s life.

9. Brahmachari Avatar: Sati is next born as Parvati, but to obtain Mahadev, Parvati has to do extreme penance again. During this period Parvati kills Shumbh, Nishumbh, Chand Mund and Raktbeej too. But even after this,Mahadev takes the form of Brhmachariavatar to test Parvati, after which both get married.

10. AvdhootAvatar: After acquiring the nectar, the king of Gods, Devraj Indra became more arrogant and reckless for which Mahadev had to take Avdhootavatar to break his ghamand and ahenkar.

11. Hanuman Avatar: Lord Hanuman was the eleventh Rudra avatar of Lord Shiva and his most ardent devotee. Lord Hanuman took birth to serve Lord Ram in his purpose to defeat the evil Lord Ravana.


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