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&TV rolls out ‘Naye Shaadi Ki Siyape’, Jaha Har Namumkin Shaadi Ho Mumkin

&TV rolls out ‘Naye Shaadi Ki Siyape’, Jaha Har Namumkin Shaadi Ho Mumkin

They say “Marriages are made in heaven. But so is thunder and lightning.” There is something fascinating about Indian weddings – the traditions, celebrations, extravagances, drama, excitement, and jollity. But with it also comes chaos, conflicts and confusion. But all is well as long you have the right wedding planners. They are the heroes who make the magic happen and turn dreams into reality. &TV is all set to present a rib-tickling dramedy, ‘Naye Shaadi Ki Siyape’, with completely new cast and fresh storyline with our trio wedding planners – Shahbaz Khan as Mubarak Khan, Neha Bagga as Babli and Vipul Roy as Bunty – who know how to make every impossible wedding, possible. Produced by Jai Kedar Badari Telefilms and the writer turned producer couple Vishal Watwani and Renu Watwani’s banner Shourya Films, the show is set to premiere from 28th September 2019, every Saturday and Sunday at 8:00 pm only on &TV.

Through this episodic weekend property, &TV will present a perfect blend of drama, emotion, and comedy, unveiling the imperceptible and untold side of wedding planners’ life. The story will involve the wounded past of a wedding planner Mubarak Khan (Shahbaz Khan) who takes upon himself to bring the lovelorn couples together in consort with his wedding troupe comprising of Bunty (Vipul Roy) and Babli (Neha Bagga) and how the trio will use every trick in the book and scheming yet selfless ways to bind couples in holy matrimony. Joining the trio in their quest, will be bedecked marriage talking van, Shehnai who doubles as Chalti Phirti Shaadi Ki Dukaan and the sutradhaar.

Adding to this, Producer Vishal Watwani said, “Weddings have always been an extravagant affair in India. And this extravagant affair is laced with endless Siyapas and chaos which Naye Shaadi Ke Siyape will highlight in a humorous manner”.

Adding further the creative producer Renu Watwani shared, “The show will focus on the key characters i.e., the three wedding planners who between all the trajectories of their lives, execute marriages that seem practically impossible. Giving the show an extra interesting element, is their wedding van – Shehnai, who is the main narrator of their journey across various parts of India. Through their journey the viewers will get a glimpse of the different and rich wedding traditions we have.

Ecstatic at essaying his first light-hearted comical role on television, veteran actor Shahbaz Khan said, “Much like everyone else, weddings have always been exciting for me and to be able to step into the shoes of the mastermind behind these extravagant affairs is truly thrilling. Hailing from the city of Nawabs and belonging in his early fifties, my character Mubarak Khan is a colorful yet slightly emotional man who has taken up himself the role of ‘Mohabbat ka Messiah’ in Naye Shaadi Ke Siyape. Torn by his lost love, he is on a personal mission to bring together the lovelorn couples via his wedding planning enterprise. With the help of two wedding planners, Bunty, and Babli who are as efficient as him, Mubarak wishes to make every impossible wedding possible. Faced with various unusual challenges while dealing with problems of his own, Mubarak’s journey is sure to be a fascinating and unpredictable one.”

“I urge my fans and viewers to please tune in to Naye Shaadi Ke Siyape by subscribing to the Zee bouquet of channels as per the new TRAI mandate. After all, Zee is the No. 1 network for family entertainment, like a one-stop-shop with programmes of interest for every member of the family. So, to continue enjoying our show on &TV, please buy the Zee Family Pack – Hindi SD/HD today by choosing the ZEE HSM Bouquet,” he added.

Speaking about essaying the character of Babli, television actress, Neha Bagga said, “I essay the character of a vibrant, colourful energetic girl in Naye Shaadi Ke Siyape, whose personality and nature is just like mine. Practical in her approach and compassionate in her attitude, Babli fancies the thought of love marriages and the fun and frolic that weddings bring. From bargaining like a pro to having a keen eye for detail, she is efficient at her job and will do all that it takes to give way to her big aspirations and dreams. However, her life is set to see turmoil when challenges and emotional scenarios disrupt her everyday living. Whether Babli surpasses these challenges or succumbs under its pressure is what will make this show an interesting watch for viewers.”

Adding about his character, television actor, Vipul Roy said, “I play the character of Bunty which is completely unlike the roles that I have played until now. Bunty is nasty, cocky, suave and shrewd of a street smart guy with the gift of gab and swagger of a seasoned charlatan. He charms his way through people’s hearts with his flare of music and dance. Everybody loves Bunty … especially kids, young girls, ladies, aunties and alike. In short all the women folk find Bunty to be a fun guy, who becomes Mubarak’s right hand man. However, he begins to feel threatened when Babli’s territorial nature steps in. Adapting to this new environment, while dealing with several issues beyond managing some of the most unusual weddings is what Bunty’s journey will be. I am quite excited to move away from my chocolate boy image with this exciting role in Naye Shaadi Ke Siyape.”

Get ready to be entertained as the crazy joyride begins bringing all the grand shaadis along with their siyapes starting 28th September every Saturday and Sunday at 8:00 PM only on &TV


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