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Top 5 Pool Care Mistakes We All Make

Top 5 Pool Care Mistakes We All Make

Pool care is essential to keep it clean and suitable for swimming all the time. Swimming pools need more care in summer season due to high usage. You need to get it cleaned regularly and add the required chemicals from time to time.

Almost all of us make mistakes in maintaining our swimming pools. Some people don’t get it cleaned regularly while some don’t know when to add the chemicals to the water. Here in this post, let us check the common mistakes we all make in maintaining our pools and how to avoid them.

Not brushing your Pool

Top 5 Pool Care Mistakes We All Make
Source: Wikimedia

The first mistake we all make is nor brushing the pool regularly. Most people remember to vacuum their pool, however, vacuuming is not enough. You should brush your pool manually or automatically after vacuuming to clean the deposits of algae and debris on the walls and other areas.


The common areas that require brushing include the area under ladders, water line at the top of pool, corners, steps and stairs. Brushing your pool ensures that no unwanted things like plants or algae will grow in your pool and it will remain clean.

Not testing the water


Top 5 Pool Care Mistakes We All Make
Source: Poolcleanerblog

Testing the water regularly is essential to keep your pool clean and free from microorganisms. When you don’t check the water regularly, the microorganisms grow in the pool water making it unhygienic for swimming. Not testing the water also allows the growth of algae and byproducts of chemical reactions.

You should test the water for checking the level of chlorine, calcium hardness, algaecide and other chemicals. Regular testing lets you know which chemicals are out of balance and which you need to add more to the water.

Adding chemicals at the wrong time

Most people have a busy work schedule and it is difficult to get time for adding chemicals to the pool. So, they add chemicals on the off days or whenever they get time, regardless of the instructions given by the manufacturer. For example, the manufacturers and pool care professionals recommend the shock treatment in the night; however, people add the shock treatment chemicals in the daytime.

The shock treatment involves the addition of unstabilized chlorine, which is burned off by the sun in the daytime. When you shock your pool at night, the chlorine gets enough time to do its job. Moreover, you should not add the shock directly to water as high amount of chlorine can damage the walls, liner, and the pool floor. It is better to follow the instructions of the manufacturer or get it done by a pool care professional.

Ignoring the pH and Alkalinity levels

Most people check the levels of chemicals, but don’t care about the pH levels of the water. The pH level indicates the acidity and alkalinity of your pool water. If your pool water is more acidic, it will prevent the growth of algae, but it can damage your pool equipment like pool filter, pool pumps, vinyl liner, heater and pool cleaner. If the increased acidity of water damages your pool equipment, it will not be covered under warranty. The solution to high acidity levels is the pH increaser or alkalinity increaser. Your pool water can quickly become acidic for any reason. Adding the pH increaser maintains the alkalinity levels of water and also prevents your equipment.

Using Automatic cleaner for algae problems

Top 5 Pool Care Mistakes We All Make
Source: Wikimedia

Algae problems in pool water need to be handled carefully. The lack of proper chemicals allows the growth of algae in the pool water. People make the mistake of using the automatic filter to clean the pool while they are having the algae problems. The automatic cleaners are not suitable to use when you have algae in the pool water as they recycle the algae back to your pool in the cleaning process.

It is better to use a manual cleaner to remove the algae and set the filter to waste as it will not let the water come back to your pool. Although you will lose a lot of water in the cleaning process, it will ensure that all the algae leave your pool and you will get a cleaner pool. Also, add algaecide to your pool water at regular intervals to prevent the formation of algae on the liner, walls and floor.

Final words

The mistakes mentioned above are the ones which people commonly make while maintaining their pools. Avoiding these common mistakes and taking care of some important things such as checking the chlorine levels, adding algaecide, shock treatment, running the filter, cleaning the debris and handling the pool equipment correctly, will help you maintain your pool. Moreover, getting professional guidance can also help you avoid such mistakes and keep your pool water clean all the time.


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