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Top 4 Architect Duo's to watch out for

Top 4 Architect Duo’s to watch out for

From stylish homes to captivating installations, architects are geniuses whose ideas shape stunning homes and masterpieces, which then mesmerizes the world for years to come.

When two such geniuses come together, they create nothing but pure structural beauties and designs that evoke emotions in people. And whoever said that it takes two to tango surely knew what they were talking about.

Here, we have compiled a list to put the spotlight on the best architect duos who have come up with the coolest architectural designs in India.

Aamir & Hameeda-Aamir and Hameeda Interior Designers and Contractors, much better known as AANDH, are the pioneers in the city of Hyderabad who introduced the concept of high-end and contemporary designs 10 years ago. The phrase “Out of the Box” is completely justified with the kind of work this firm delivers.

The husband-wife duo is the real face behind all the brilliant houses of celebrities, politicians, top bureaucrats and many others.They have designed more than 47 Restaurants, cafes and bars in Hyderabad in the last eight years. N Grill, Prost, guest house of actor Allu Arjun, More Mischief , Karachi café etc., are few of their well-known projects.

Krupa Zubin and Zubin Zainuddin – A multi-award winning studio, ZZ Architects are considered to be among the finest architectural and interior design firms of India. Known for their innovative approach to design and planning, the practice is spearheaded by principal architects Krupa Zubin and Zubin Zainuddin and aims at transforming every site into a stimulating environment.

Krupa and Zubin are currently the Curators of D/code 2019, India’s First Curated Luxury Living show, and they intend to bring together a unique mix of some of the leading Indian and International brands there. The power couple are in constant pursuit of excellent aesthetics that encompass myriad aspects of design and architecture. They continue to push boundaries with their passion and drive for well-curated products and spaces.

Top 4 Architect Duo's to watch out for

Sanjeev Punjabi & Sangeeta Merchant-Their company SPASM’s creative process is as intuitive as it is carefully thought-out, following a ‘creation from chaos’ rule. The result is the articulation of a vision through buildings that are devoid of ornamentation yet striking, functional yet aesthetic, austere yet elegant. SPASM has designed in India and East Africa and is not interested in being avant-garde.

They strive to be very human in approach and not too fussy in details. An Eastern kind of “inclusivity” is sought; every aspect of building, occupation and future ageing of projects is mulled over—many times over. Their recent project was a back-to-nature intervention, a remotely located bungalow at the edge of a reservoir a couple of hours away from Nashik.

Sandeep Khandelwal and Ritu Khandelwal – Sthapatya Architects is a Jaipur based architectural consulting firm, established in 1996 by the architect duo and co-founders Sandeep Khandelwal and Ritu Khandelwal. With a modern and progressive methodology using latest technology and tools of design, Sthapatya Architects plans to break all boundaries when it comes to architecture.


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