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The director of Agua India accentuates the significance of innovativeness and willingness in life!
Mohammed Jisal M

The director of Agua India accentuates the significance of innovativeness and willingness in life!

The 28-year-old maestro, Mohammed Jisal M is the director of Agua India, and has sundry procurements to his name, propelling him as a venerated personality at such a young age. A company that has been implementing its plans to safe-zone the country by provisioning uncontaminated and packaged drinking water, even to the remotest places. A technical firm, having its headquarters established in India, it works with the intermingling of technology, innovativeness, and efficiency. The company focuses on purveying safe, hygienic, and clean water, and has engendered ways of evolved water supply methods making it easy, efficient, and economical. The fusion of technicality and progression, the firm uses its app to make water delivery facile and with an eye to the main chance, it is inclined towards reduced fatalities, thus engendering opportunities for distributors and vendors.

Jisal is an adept guy, who has accomplishments that remain unparalleled. A business magnate, alongside being an opportunist, he is a seeker of windows of opportunities. With over-the-top cognizance, he plans on revolutionizing the industry with his cosmic and transcendental plans. Commencing his venture 2 years back, Jisal has depicted illustriousness and has been revered for being a prominent and skilled organizer, an active and keen listener, and has always had a well-versed perspective. With hard and smart work, Jisal is hardwired to procure all his whims.

A serene guise, Jisal’s aura is that of grandeur and generosity. Geared-up to grab a high stance wherever he steps, Jisal has showcased exemplary relationship management, effective communication skills with the ability to network with members, and statutory agencies with consummate ease. A multidisciplinary approach, he has monumental plans queued up for the imminent time.

Encapsulating his desires, Jisal expressed that apart from affluent and leisure imbibed travel, growing multilinguistic, and obtaining and admirable physique he schemes of being the torch-bearer of a stupendous firm, holding a designation, that leads it towards progression. He is the paradigm of ideal skilled personality. Technicality amalgamated with faultless team collaboration skills, he is bound to attain novel heights with the defined skillset. At such a young age, he has been impelling to many.

An out-of-the-box approach, Jisal with his pronounced vision, plans to refashion the business model, aiming to change the current business framework. Boosting the structure of basic necessities and refabricating them with innovation, he plans to provide a business model beneficial to both the consumer and employee. Improved customer satisfaction, upgraded brand awareness, newer entry points for products or services into the market, he also plans for improved employee satisfaction, decreased operational costs, creation of new springs of revenue, and increased networking with partners.

Rejoindering on what keeps him driven towards his ulterior motive, Jisal mentioned-“ You are the one liable to make changes in your life. One should grasp the power to step forth and make a choice and adore the path they choose, the willingness is the key!” Jisal has been ever-commendable and we wish him an unimaginable splendor and success


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