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TeamViewer Announces Final Annual Release of Connect 2020

TeamViewer®, a global leader in secure remote connectivity solutions, has released TeamViewer Connect 2020, which is the last, yearly version of its flagship software. TeamViewer Connect 2020 is the final annual software release and is a “bridge edition” for customers with past TeamViewer versions (License 14 and below). In effect, customers now have the much sought-after compatibility advantages of using a software without the boundaries of versions. This also completes the TeamViewer’s transformation from a perpetual to a subscription-based licensing model.


Customers can now enjoy the benefits of full compatibility with all past and future TeamViewer versions, as well as all common operating systems (current and future). By obliterating the yearly version upgrade as was the case in the yearly perpetual license model, TeamViewer now offers its customers a compatible solution that is neither bound nor hindered by versions.

Automatic Feature Updates
Customers with a subscription license are entitled to major software updates without having to purchase the update – meaning they get automatic access to new features and software enhancements. Customers no longer have to wait until the end of the year for new updates. TeamViewer now offers only subscription licenses to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of the IT world and to make sure that its focus is on driving new features and stability.


This also means customers in active subscription will get regular security patches. Updates and security patches are essential to keep customers up-to-pace with continuous changes in the IT world. These updates offer a wide spectrum of benefits including helping customers protect their data and uplift security flaws.

“We have been on an incredible journey this year, and would like to thank our team, our customers and our users for their contribution to TeamViewer’s success and their continuous trust in our products,” says Oliver Steil, CEO of TeamViewer. “With our connectivity platform and various solutions for remote access and support, remote monitoring and management and even IoT and Augmented Reality, we are ideally positioned to face the era of hyper-connectivity.”


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