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Stock Market Gyan

Stock Market Gyan

Equity: I have delivered more than 16℅ compounding annualised return over last 37 years.

Investor: Not possible, I have lost my money almost all the time when I invested in you.

Equity: These are real data, you can check my track record.

Investor: Then why didn’t I make money?

Equity: Because you treated me like a passing affair and not married me. I can generate wealth for the people who enter in long term commitment with me, loyal to me and don’t leave me in bad time.

Volatility in Stock Markets are not the actual cause of worry, the actual cause of worry is the volatility in the minds of investors/traders.

About Yash Dugar

Yash Dugar
Yash is a passionate entrepreneur who is the Founder of Investment Research firm named CREALTH RESEARCH! Being a NISM Certified Investment Advisor he has done GFMP course from BSE Institute and a CFP in making. He has also been the curator of TEDxBESC & is a die heart social worker actively working with two NGO's namely Yahvi & Tiljala Shed.

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