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Sony SAB’s Bhakharwadi takes a 7-year leap

Sony SAB’s Bhakharwadi takes a 7-year leap

Time flies and life goes on. Sony SAB’s Bhakharwadi will soon be witnessing a 7-year leap and yes, a lot is all set to change in the course of 7 years. Sony SAB is taking its viewers to a whole new KhushiyonWala Zone with the telecast of fresh episodes shows including Bhakharwadi. Yes, everyone’s favourite Gokhale and Thakkar families along with a beloved new family member will be back with an interesting storyline.

Bhakharwadi, the light-hearted family entertainer, has a new member in their family. The 7-year leap will witness the introduction of Abhishek and Gayatri’s son, Krishna, portrayed by Harminder Singh. While the viewers have enjoyed the beautiful love story of Abhishek and Gayatri so far, the leap will witness dynamics between this couple changing.

The tables have turned, Abhishek like a doting son-in-law is now living with the Thakkar family whereas Gayatri chooses to live in the Gokhale household. While the relationship between both the families is now strained, everyone for the sake of Krishna continues to paint a happy picture to raise the kid with utmost love and care.

These years have not only taken a toll on Abhishek and Gayatri’s marriage but also over the elders as Anna now faces difficulty in hearing and wears a hearing aid whereas Mahendra has become forgetful over time. On the other hand, Ujjwala, essayed by Devanshi Somaiya, has grown up to be a confident young woman whereas Mandar, essayed by Nitin Bhatia, has grown up to be a handsome and a loving grandson.

With some new faces and a refreshing storyline, Sony SAB’s khattimeethikahani of Bhakharwadi will return with the same old flavour and zest.

DevenBhojani, essaying the role of Anna said, “The 7-year leap has been woven beautifully in the story and our viewers are bound to enjoy the changed dynamics between the characters and the light-hearted comical banter between the Gokhales and Thakkars. My character Anna with age, he now sports a hearing aid. It has been exciting to include these new elements in my character and I look forward to Bhakharwadi coming back for our viewers after such a long halt. So, #SwitchOnSAB and watch the fresh episodes of Bhakharwadi from 13th July.”

AkshitaMudgal, essaying the role of Gayatri said, “The leap brings in a new role for my character. While I have essayed the role of a mother like figure previously on Bhakharwadi, the 7-year leap brings in Gayatri’s son. It is really fun to have a kid around the set and I am looking forward to delving deeper into this new role in Gayatri’s life.”

AkshayKelkar, essaying the role of Abhishek said, “My character Abhishek is now a father and this role is new for me. I am trying to get the fatherly nuances correct. The storyline is refreshing at the same time holding the true essence of Bhakharwadi. It felt great to meet the entire cast after such a long time and I eagerly look forward to the responses from our viewers. So SwitchOnSAB and let the khattimeethi story of Bhakharwadi unfold.”


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