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“Shahzeb Azad, an enthusiastic & passionate leader giving best for every beat”

Shahzeb Azad, an enthusiastic & passionate leader giving best for every beat

There is nothing like living a life of dreams, especially when ones’ passion becomes a profession giving a lead towards the success one deserves. It is what keeps life and leaps on track, and this is what helps build an empire the world knows a person for. “So, what is your one true passion? Are you even making a move towards your desire or dream? It is an important question one got to ask themselves every day, and just when the answer differs, take a look at what went wrong. This is how I do, and this is how I suggest all to keep themselves on track,” said Shahzeb Azad, the Producer of the upcoming movie, Consequence Karma. Shahzeb is also a business owner and industrialist who comes from a well-knit family of the district Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh. He has given it all in with every work he did and with every business, he got his hand on. In simple terms, he is, “Follower of passion, all dream to be.”

Consequence Karma, it is one big deal for all. Not just because it marks the journey of Shahzeb Azad, Monis Khan and Shadab Ahmad in the foray of film producing but also because it is a step towards the dream, a step which keeps taking them closer to getting live, something they believe to be worth sharing with the world. The film also got its first preview in one of the famous preview theatres of Mumbai, Sunny Super Sound, Juhu and was attended by some well-known Bollywood film critics like Prashant Shishodiya & Komal Nahata. Therein were also present some other personalities like Actor Inaamulhaq, Sanjay Gandhi, Singer Raja Hasan, Director Faraz Haider, along with some other cast and crew of the film. They have all given their views and ideas but, most importantly, the appreciation of bringing together a great team and movie in a time like this pandemic.

It is said, “If you Will, you Grow; if you do not, you Throw.” Quite a simple line, but the meaning is quite deep. It depicts all those people who held the willingness of moving ahead and growing. They knew the opportunities they receive is to be grabbed on time, and surpassing through struggles is the choice they own. They never look behind to see what they couldn’t because all they focus on is, on keeping up with the time, the ideas, the motivation, the work and all of it they can bring together. Well, in this list of people, one would never ignore Shahzeb, after all the owner of Prolix Powertech (HT & LT Transmission Line Equipment Industry), Prolix Entertainment (Production House in India & Dubai) & Prolix International (Imports & Exports Company), he made sure to leave a mark on it all. From power to the food sector, Shahzeb gave in the best he could and, even today, is making sure to remain a step ahead of what others might think. His success, ideas, and all of it indicate the amount of hard work he gives in and never gives a lack in what he expects to be his.

On asking the questions like, how did this amazing idea come to life, and what was the reason for such success? Most people wouldn’t mind giving the credit they may or may not deserve, but when it comes to Shahzeb, his down to earth nature has always been his strongest quality. In one of the interviews conducted, he said, “With the beginning of unlocking process, we made sure that our enthusiastic team of producers can gather along with the Bollywood professionals and some talented actors like Sidharth Bhardwaj (a known face from films & web series like Oye Lucky Lucky Oye, Pataal Lok, Delhi Crime and alike), Monis Khan, Pooja Gupta and some other skilled actors having a strong theatre background. We set the timeline. We began the process. We just knew, what we are doing is to be done with the fixed deadline and needs the best to come from all. Well, that was it. This is how we began, and this is how the whole process ended. There were no if’s and but’s. All of us gave in best.”

Appreciating the team, without bringing out a word of his efforts, quite a move. Shahzeb may or may not notice, but he definitely deserves applause for what he did. Even during hard times, he didn’t stop, and that’s the quality needed in a true leader and a follower of passion. He gave in his best, and definitely, the results of it would be Terrific, and that, well, that would be the biggest appreciation for him and his hard work. Truly, the world does need more people like him, “Who notice the unnoticed and become a voice for all.”


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