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ScamsBreaking.com – The Digital News Creator Presenting Unbiased News

ScamsBreaking.com – The Digital News Creator Presenting Unbiased News

ScamsBreaking.com is a digital news portal that aims to unmask the fraudulent news creating agencies. The news portal is backed by International Media Corporation, an Australian news agency. The portal caters to Indian, British, and American readers. The venture mainly focuses on Economic offences. The new venture mainly aims at fact-finding journalism without sugarcoating. This venture scans deep, beneath the surface, and unearths the best form of investigative journalism.

Very true to its name, the portal aims to bring reliable and trustworthy news in front of its readers. If the slightest whiff of false news doing the rounds come to the fore, scamsbreaking.com will dig deep to present the original version to its readers. The main aim of the news portal, is to prevent false news from going viral. If the recent spate of incidents be believed, false news is doing the rounds in the disguise of PR activities. The power of money seems to be shutting up the innocent. However, brace for a change with this news portal. scamsbreaking.com has managed to get to the core of the various high-profile scams. There are news channels and portals that report unverified news at the cost of defaming a sane population. These portals seem to be playing with minds in exchange for money. If it is not nipped in the bud, things can go awry.

Today, in the web age, most of the readers look for news online. And, there one can find a slew of unverified news that is again paid. Paid journalism, as anybody would call it is behind the game. The news portal scamsbreaking.com, has taken upon the responsibility to report the truth and dissolve the unchecked spread of news information. It aims at social awakening today, in light of the heinous crimes occurring worldwide. The investigation-oriented news portal aims to expose corrupt politicians, gangsters, and political criminals. The innocent citizens fall prey to the acts of these unscrupulous criminals, who have bribed the government and police. So, most cases go unreported, out of fear of retaliation.

This game-changing initiative from International Media Corporation aims to prevent the spread of hoax and fake news. In the process, the best form of journalism comes to the fore. The news portal scamsbreaking.com, aims to bring forth the devastating effects that such political scamsters, and the underworld bring to the society. It aims to stop the spread of paid PR that is destroying the core of journalism. The underlying technologies of the organization includes managing the correct information and presenting it in front of the world in general in an unbiased way.

It is a global platform, which brings in news from all corners of the globe. The backbone of the organization is its stringent investigation norms, and reporting structure, that filters unhealthy and false news in its entirety. The company manages to collect all the reports from its team of journalists, and then researches on the truthfulness and background of such news. The news portal scamsbreaking.com stands for transparency from all the party’s point of view. What the end audience gets is un-biased and a neutral reporting of affairs from all around the globe.


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