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Saurabh Suman and his life as a grassroot Social Worker

Saurabh Suman and his life as a grassroot Social Worker

In each country whether it is a developed or developing Social Service assumes crucial part. Particularly in India, social service involves a significant spot. In our Indian constitution it is explicitly expressed in Article 38 that “the State will endeavour to advance the government assistance of the individuals by making sure about and securing as adequately as it might, a social request where equity social, financial and political-will incorporate all the foundations of the public life”.

The social welfare services administrations are focused on the government assistance and the improving the condition of vulnerable children, women and the socially handicapped of the society.

In our nation, many people delivered incredible social help by serving a thousand of poor, needy and destitute individuals. In this sector of Social Services, we have come across

Professional Social Worker Saurabh Suman. He was born on 12 January 1993, his father’s name is Mr. Manoj Kumar, Mother’s name is Mrs. Aradhana and sister’s name is Ms. Shruti Kiran. He has done his Bachelors and Masters in Social Work discipline. He is working for vulnerable groups that face discrimination and need protection include Women, Children, Elderly, Especially abled etc from past eight years. Saurabh Suman is continuously supporting all the needy ones and considerably contributing towards social purposes.

During the time of Saurabh’s education, he started contributing towards social services. In the very initial stage, he supported an organisation to open a non-formal school in the rural area for the drop out children. He himself went to door to door and conducted a non-formal survey so that a correct figure of dropouts can be identified.

Then he sensitized the children, their parents about the importance of education. Currently that school is educating more than 100 children.

In urban communities and towns, ghettos are coming up because of huge scope relocation of individuals from towns to urban communities. These ghettos need sterilization. There are no city conveniences by any means. So, Saurabh is linking the needy community with the organisation which can support them.
Life in ghettos is hopeless.

Individuals living in the ghettos enjoy refining of unlawful alcohol, offer of opiate drugs and other crook or anti­social exercises.

There is a desperate need to dispatch tidiness drives in these ghettos. In this situation Saurabh has done remarkable job as he raised the awareness about the harmful effects of the alcohol & drugs as well as he facilitated the admission of drug addicts in the rehabilitation centres. Saurabh Suman from Delhi also conducted a rally about the importance of health and hygiene which benefitted everyone in the community.

In our society there is a need of understanding the importance of Social Service as Saurabh is setting an illustration of how social service can help the enduring humankind. Therefore, each man/ woman should uphold the ideal of “Help ever, hurt never” as their motto and contribute their bit to make the world order politically powerful, socially stable, economically efficient, and spiritually strong.


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