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Rohan Pandya’s Don’t Get Serious is the latest internet entertainment platform

Rohan Pandya’s Don’t Get Serious is the latest internet entertainment platform

There are people who dream, and then there are people who achieve their dream. This is the story of one such Young Man from Vadodara, who saw a dream during his post-graduation and now he has turned his dream into his daily work, and now he is living that dream daily along with supporting the community.

Rohan Pandya is a well-known blogger who started blogging at the time India was still starting to gain momentum. Like every young guy, Rohan was dreaming of doing something extraordinary in his life. And there he got his idea, i.e. Don’t Get Serious.

With a huge social media fan following, Don’t Get Serious is one of the leading entertainment blogging website of India. With over 2 Million Active Subscribers, many people are regularly reading Don’t Get Serious’s articles, watching creative videos, laugh at their memes, and forget their worries of the entire day.

Content is the king and Rohan uses the power of his content to add a fresh perspective to the mind of his readers and makes sure that every time people see anything from Don’t Get Serious, they smile.

While Rohan was still in his post-graduation, one fine day he came to know about blogging and on that day he started his blog. Initially, building a community around the blog was a very difficult task. Apart from that, coping up with the regular studies while side by convincing parents for his dream was also difficult.

That was the time when no one was ready to accept blogging as a profession. At such time, Rohan laid his entire efforts to do justice, to his studies, family as well as Don’t Get Serious. Don’t get serious was reaching heights within a few months of its launching that delighted Rohan about his dream.

After completing post-graduation he thought to do full-time blogging but because of family’s wish ended up in a boring 9 to 5 job. This made things difficult for Rohan, but he spent nights writing articles for Don’t Get Serious while simultaneously spending the entire day in the office.

Although Rohan was firm for making Don’t Get Serious his full-time job, it was much left for him to prove. Efforts do pay back and the same thing happened with Rohan. Very soon Don’t Get Serious started receiving partnership offers from leading brands of India.

Brands such as PayTM Mall, Amazon Prime, BYJUs, Leading TV Shows, E-Commerce Websites, and other emerging brands partnered with Don’t Get Serious. While the year 2019 aroused as a new milestone for Rohan Pandya. In this year, Don’t Get Serious became social media partner for well-known Hollywood Movies released in India like Angel Has Fallen, 47 Meters Down, Rambo: Last Blood, Hustlers, Diego Maradona (Documentary), The Current War, Midway, and 21 Bridges.

If we ask Rohan, what is the secret sauce of his success, the response is quick and witty like his articles. “Success is all about making efforts. If you see a dream or want to reach some level, then you should be ready for making sacrifices. Searching for a safe corner is not going to help and you should never settle down for the less. Otherwise, the 9 to 5 job was paying me good. But Don’t Get Serious is the dream, where I belong and that is all I look up to now.”

While Don’t Get Serious is crossing milestones with each passing day, there are many milestones yet to be created and achieved and with this aim of becoming India’s largest social media community, Rohan Pandya proudly says, “Just wait for the next big thing!”


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