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Rogue Ballistic media goes against the ethos of Indian Army and puts the country to shame.

Presstitutes have stooped to a new low day by day in a mad rush for TRPs by propagating false news about Indian Army.
If live coverage of anti-terror ops and putting security forces at risk was not enough now presstitutes have found another way of propagating false news about Indian Army operations.
We all know that since the Pak BAT team’s cowardly attack on Indian Army posts, nation has been living under a sentiment of vendetta.
Army Chief Gen. Bipin Rawat has already promised the nation a befitting revenge and has clarified it will be taken on a date and place of their choice.
This is a known and proven fact that army lives by its promise and Myanmar & PoK surgical strikes recently are latest examples of the resolve of the army.
Still TRP hungry Presstitutes who wish to encash on vendetta sentiments are rotating fake stories & old videos and playing with sentiments of Indian people.
This is tarnishing the image of our esteemed army.

Channels like India today and NDTV are at the forefront while revolving such fake stories and right wing audience is getting a dual hit by this campaign.
They first get ecstatic by looking at these news bytes and share them on social media platform.
Later when Army disowns such news items right wing supporters feel cheated and become the butt of jokes of Maoist and separatist supporters.
As they say- “Revenge is best served cold” ,we urge Indian people to have patience and trust Indian Army, subscribe to their official social media handles and wait for the revenge.
Jai Hind!


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Kirti Bhushan is an Associate Vice President at Royal Bank of Scotland, certified scrum professional, columnist, activist, entrepreneur and political commentator. Co founder Postman News.

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