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Revealing the International Startups - Jevelen.
Revealing the International Startups - Jevelen.

Revealing the International Startups – Jevelen.

Success stories of so many have been written every now and then but then some are carved in rhodium laden with diamonds. Such story can fairly be an example of none other than, Jevelen, the high rise and trending start up founded by Abhishek Sehgal . The start up is growing worldwide quite rapidly and is a sole venture of the man with absolute futuristic wits behind it as business runs in his blood. The idea behind inception and execution of a plan for this startup to be amongst the top notch in an industry giving women a friend for lifetime and men a way to make their ladies happier with none other than diamonds surely sounds more than just unique. Abhishek Sehgal was born in a family full of heads with business management in India on 13th November, 1992.

Revealing the International Startups - Jevelen.The concept and idea of creating something new and unique with almost no use of the golden metal, places this brand a step ahead of the most brands these days. Since the origin of metals and metallurgy humans have been obsessed with the golden metal solely not for it’s shine and lustre but also due to the resistance of the metal against corrosion and other degrading factors. Thus owning some jewellery is an option one usually looks out for. This online trendsetter is just that solution with the absolute craftmanship put to creation and care while designing.

Revealing the International Startups - Jevelen.The story behind this start-up is one of it’s kind too. The desire to shine at the zenith was there into Abhishek since childhood into him as he garnered an interest into designing since childhood which later with the ‘god’s grace’ as he puts turned into his profession. Abhishek always wanted to start something of his own and following his passion he went to Australia after class where in order to find work opportunities worked in agricultural farms later landing up a job in a jewellery shop owing to his creativity. But money wasn’t sufficient so he started funding his own dreams and now that stands across the globe as a venture of his dreams.

Tough chalRevealing the International Startups - Jevelen.lenges are a part and parcel of every job but the conviction and selflessness added with the zeal to work for the society makes this start up all the more unique. As the brand donates 10% of it’s earnings and that’s the best part one can say. Amongst the challenges one as reported had been list product differentiation as a major challenge but the products designed are unique, with most of the products made using Rhodium, American Diamond. Along with the benefit that the products are not copied or merchandised. They are original. After getting A Successful business Globally, now there is a plan to launch Jevelen In India . Also they will be opening 50+ Franchise Outlets Across PAN India . Also Setting Jewellery Workshop here many parts of India this will create opportunities for employment for unemployed people . Quite a wise decision it sounds.
With the aim of growing across the regions the founder sees growing as a team in next few years and we surely feel they will.

Goodluck! Team Jevelen.


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Tushar Gupta is a Finance Professional with experience in Transaction Advisory Services specializing in Valuations and Mergers. Besides, he is actively involved in the startup Ecosystem with Headstart Network Foundation and Akshay Gunteti Foundation. He has been working with various Startups and Entrepreneur led businesses. Being a Start-Up enthusiast, he is always keen to work and mentor new projects. Can be reached at [email protected]

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