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Reasons behind the success of our security forces in Kashmir
Reasons behind the success of our security forces in Kashmir.

Reasons behind the success of our security forces in Kashmir

You must have been seeing the reports in media that our security forces are hunting Islamic terrorists like never before in Kashmir.
Those who understand such operations know that these huntings are not possible without the support of locals.

Why are the locals supporting our forces ? Of course the central government and the state government’s efforts are helping to win the heart and minds of locals. The Indian army also helps them a lot in education, medicals etc.

Locals have understood that these separatists have always been looting in all possible manner. Another major reason is “the separatist filth which you see on TV are hand in gloves with the Islamic terrorists. These terrorists join the Pakistan backed terror outfits so that they get free publicity and prostitutes.
With the business of prostitution have gone down these terrorists target local girls. In villages of Kashmir Islamic terrorists enter any house enjoy the girls as and whenever they want.

And the separatists are not only mute spectators but they also offer girls to the terrorists. It is very obvious that neither the girl nor her family will relish this. And because of this Kashmiri found their saviours in the Indian army. They inform our forces to get rid of these Islamic rapists.

The latest terrorist that was eliminated by our forces Abu Dujana was infamous for this. The Jammu and Kashmir police after killing him said that Dujana had made the lives of Kashmiri girls as hell. Now the girls can breath freely.

IGP khan of Jammu and Kashmir police said that, Dujana had become an eyesore for everyone, especially girls. “He used to enter house and do anything he wanted to do. Good riddance that way. I think people should relax, the girls our sisters, they should relax now that no such person is their to harass them,” Khan said.

We assure our Kashmiri sisters and daughters that we will defend their honour at any cost. The separatists and your politicians looted you for ages, threw you to Islamic rapists so they can keep them happy and will continue the terror in valley. Your own self claimed leaders sold you, but the state of India will defend you and your honour.


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Vikas R S Giri
Vikas R S Giri is an educationalist, teaches physics to Senior secondary, and believes in आत्मरक्षा हिंसा नही ! Can be reached at [email protected]

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