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Rahul Gandhi’s bluff of religion exposed

The high-voltage political fever in Gujarat took an all-new turn today when Congress vice president, on his visit to the Somnath temple, mentioned himself as a ‘non-Hindu’.

While entering the famous Somnath temple, the Gandhi scion mentioned himself as a non-Hindu on the entry register.

According to the rules of the temple administration, all non-Hindu worshippers visiting the temple need to declare about their religion in advance, as done by Rahul Gandhi.

Rahul was accompanied by Ahmed Patel, political advisor to Sonia Gandhi. His name was also written in the visitors book. (Take a look at the entry form in the tweet below)

Rahul Gandhi is playing the so-called ‘soft Hindutva’ card these days ahead of Gujarat assembly elections by visiting various temples and offering prayers there.

During UP elections in 2012, Rahul Gandhi said that he is a brahmin (Refer Source 1). Even, recently he called himself a “Shiv Bhakt”.

Moreover, If we see his profile on Wikipedia, earlier Rahul Gandhi’s religion mentioned there was Hindu Brahmin, which has been edited on November 11, can be seen in Wikipedia history of Rahul Gandhi’s profile. (Refer Source 2)

But all the lies related to Rahul Gandhi’s religion bluff gets exposed, when he declares himself as Non-Hindu. It can be seen just as an attempt to appeal and attract Hindu Voters who are not yet divided on caste-lines and votes for BJP. Just for the sake of votes, lies related to own’s religion is not a good move and it seems this step has backfired after rahul gandhi’s declaration himself on his religion.

Once, Ambassador Meera Shankar, UPA’s representative in US, had referred to Sonia Gandhi as a Christian leader. The reference was soon deleted. Now Rahul Gandhi declares he is a non-Hindu but their election affidavits claim that they are Hindus.

On an earlier occasion Birendra, the then king of Nepal, had shot down Sonia Gandhi’s request to enter the Pashupatinath temple in Kathmandu because non-Hindus are not allowed. If the Gandhis are not Hindus then why hoodwink the nation? Just for votes?

Recently, this year on Rahul Gandhi’s temple tour in Gujrat, BJP MP Subramaniam Swamy asked Rahul gandhi to declare himself as Hindu. He said, “He should first declare that he is a Hindu,”. He further added, “I suspect he is a Christian and has a Church inside 10 Janpath.”




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